Ancient tradition comes alive - Kurultaj, Europe's largest traditional event kicked off today in Bugac

Friday, August 8, 2014

Kurultaj, traditionally held every second year since 2008. Kurultaj means: Tribal Assembly of the Hungarian, Turkic and Hun nations. This year the event is held on August 8-9-10 in Bugac. Traditionalists that assembled to celebrate the tradition and culture of their common past insist that the international gathering of kindred nations is not a festival, but a living history: the largest gathering of steppe nomads following an ancient tradition.

This year's Kurultaj attracted three hundred attendees from over 27 countries.



Anonymous said...

Bullshit anti christian event, full of pagan agnostic atheist and New age try hards..

Anonymous said...

Great culture.

Anonymous said...

This is real tradition and culture instead of multiculti bullshit.

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