Donetsk militia drive 7,000 Ukrainian troops into three mousetraps

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The chief of the information centre of the South-Eastern Front, Konstantin Knyrik, told reporters that the Donetsk militia surrounded a total of seven thousand Ukrainian military men.

"At the moment, we have been able to drive the enemy in three mousetraps - near Ilovaisk, Lutugino and Stepanivka. Altogether, there are at least 7,000 men there from battalions Dnepr, Donbass, Shahtersk, Kherson and others," Knyrik told Interfax.

He added that a large number of Ukrainian military hardware was surrounded as well. According to Knyrik, it goes about more than 40 tanks, 100 infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, Grad volley fire systems and field artillery.

According to Knyrik, some of the surrounded military men try to escape. "Some of them flee, including to Russia, many others want to surrender. We gave them time before this evening, and then we will start massive attacks. Those who will be taken prisoners, will be held in conditions that meet international standards of detention of prisoners of war. We will decide later what to do with them next. Maybe, we will send some of them home," said Knyrik.



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Greeks Fighting Alongside Donetsk People’s Republic Militia - Reports

Volunteers from Greece are among the representatives of various nationalities in the ranks of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) indepedence forces, the Athens Courier newspaper reported.

According to the newspaper, there is a large community of Greeks in the east of Ukraine, who have suffered as much as other residents of the region and many of them fled for Russia’s Rostov and Kuban regions.

“Pontic Greeks, who live in Greece, should be concerned with the fate of the Greeks living in Mariupol, which is trapped under the shelling [and other firing] of the Kiev-Lviv punishers,” the paper reported.

It is also noted in the paper that apart from Greeks, two battalions of Serbs and even 25 US citizens are fighting for “traditional human values” alongside militia in southeast Ukraine.

According to earlier reports, within the Vostok Battalion, DPR’s most prominent defense force, are volunteers from Spain, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Russia and Poland.

The former DPR Prime Minister Alexander Borodai stated on his Facebook webpage that volunteers are especially needed to help residents and for the restoration of infrastructure in the region.

Since mid-April the Ukrainian government has been conducting a military operation in the east of Ukraine to suppress independence supporters who refused to acknowledge the new government that came to power after a coup that took place in Ukraine on February 22.

Thousands of civilians have died as a result of the confrontation. Moscow has repeatedly condemned the operation and urged for a ceasefire to prevent further casualties, sending a humanitarian convoy to war-torn eastern Ukraine, delivering about 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid.

Lavrov: Russia interested in implementing agreements with EU and NATO more than others

Russia is interested in removing “double standards” and implementing agreements with EU and NATO more than others. Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov has stated this on Wednesday at the meeting with the participants of Seliger youth camp.

However, the top diplomat noted that the U.S. and Western partners were trying to artificially delay the implementation of multipolar world principles...

Russia can’t set ceasefire conditions in Ukraine’s internal conflict – Putin

... “We can only facilitate the creation of an environment of trust in the course of this possible and much needed, in my opinion, negotiation process. This is what we talked about,” Putin added...

First Results of Talks in Minsk Positive

The first results of the multilateral talks in Minsk, attended by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, as well as European Union officials, are deemed positive, with several issues discussed, including the situation in Ukraine, gas issues, Russian food embargo and others.

[ The dual-citizen Oligarch puppet went to the embassy to lick his wounds and report to his masters . ]

...The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko took place in Minsk and lasted for two hours. After that, Poroshenko planned on meeting with EU representatives in the Ukrainian embassy...

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Cooperation Scenarios Vladimir Putin’s Speech at the Minsk Summit. Speech at the meeting of the Customs Union Heads of State with President of Ukraine and European Union representatives By President Vladimir Putin

...Russia has stated on numerous occasions that full acceptance by our Ukrainian friends of all the tariff liberalisation requirements and the adoption of the European Union technical, sanitary and veterinary norms will have a negative impact on the scope and dynamics of trade and investment cooperation in Eurasia...

...The rejection of common CIS technical norms and adaptation to EU standards will cost Ukraine billions of euros. It will lose its partnerships with the Customs Union states in industry, finance, agriculture and transportation. As soon as Ukraine introduces zero import duty on goods from the EU, a step envisaged right after the ratification of the agreement that would apply to 98 percent of all the goods, there will obviously be a sharp increase in the supply of European goods to the Ukrainian market. We understand our European partners; they have already developed the Ukrainian market rather well, and would like to get hold of whatever is left and squeeze out everyone else. Besides, less competitive Ukrainian produce will also be squeezed out from its own market. Where to? Primarily to Russia and the other Customs Union states, but primarily to us.
...We expect today to have a constructive discussion, during which our partners will hear our arguments. Overall, we are in favour of establishing closer cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union, of searching for ways to combine the two integration processes. I hope that all the participants in today’s meeting support the strategic goal of creating a common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok.

I would like to stress that we are ready to consider any cooperation scenarios that are based on the consideration of mutual interests. We are ready to have an exchange on the critical situation that has developed in Ukraine, which, I am certain, cannot be resolved through further escalation of force without due consideration of the vital interests of the country’s southeast regions and without a peaceful dialogue with these regions’ representatives.

Thank you for your attention.

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Poroshenko wants to internationalize the situation and turn it into a conflict between Ukraine and Russia

...deteriorating situation in Ukraine itself. The economy there is going very badly wrong, the military situation is not good, and this is having broader repercussions for Europe.
...Russians do not consider themselves to be a party to the conflict in Ukraine. They see the conflict there as a conflict between the people in the Eastern Ukraine and the authorities who came to power in Kiev in February. So their analysis of the situation is totally different from the one of Poroshenko and of the people in Kiev who want to internationalize the question and turn it into a conflict between Ukraine and Russia.
...AM: The great problem with the gas issue is that Ukraine is in very heavy arrears on its gas....I mean hard cash to actually pay off these arrears before they are prepared to compromise further on the gas price issue. The problem is at the moment that Ukraine has very little, if any, money left at all. Partly because it has been using the money it has been getting from the organizations like the IMF to fight the war in the east instead of stabilizing its economy.
... Can Ukraine really play both sides after that?
AM: The trouble with this is that it might have been possible once, but it is going to be very difficult now because first of all, the EU Association Agreement to which Ukraine has now committed itself frankly closes off this option, it makes Ukraine part of the European single market, and it is very difficult to see how Ukraine can simultaneously continue in the previous trade arrangements that it had with Moscow. Secondly, doing that also totally flies in the face of what the whole Maidan movement in Ukraine had been about, this is to turn away from Moscow and towards Europe. So to say now, after all that has happened over all these months, all the violence that has been in Ukraine, that maybe after all Ukraine needs to find a balance between Russia and the EU, is very late. And probably, in my opinion, too late for that to happen.

Anti-Russian rhetoric pre-dated Ukraine crisis, Moscow does not want spats - Lavrov

... “I can only note that long before events in Ukraine the West’s attacks on Russia assumed an irrational form. It all started long before this spring.”
Lavrov accused Western political leaders of “stirring up” anti-Russian feelings among their electorates, saying that their attitudes towards Russia “require a reevaluation.”
“Political leaders in the West incite public opinion, and then claim it is the people who are forcing them to take anti-Russian measures.”
“I think the reason that Russia is under such heavy pressure is that, more than any other country, we are not afraid to talk about our interests and express our opinions. At the same time, we do not claim that they are the absolute truth, and we are open to listening to others. But we hope to get the same in return, and rely on our independence not being punished by others,” Lavrov said.
Lavrov said the United States and other Western countries were “going against the course of history” by attempting to “artificially” hold on to their influence.
“Some countries are trying to restrain the emergence of an egalitarian international arena. And if more unilateral sanctions are imposed on us to this end, we will take measures in response.”
He also claimed that the West's desire to maintain its status as the ultimate international arbiter was a "roadblock" to solving global problems...
Lavrov...said that the old “Cold War blocs” are no longer relevant in a “multipolar world,” and instead called for an emergence of “flexible and networked” alliances.
“We do not consider it a tragedy if some of our partners disagree with us on certain issues – as opposed to NATO, where any step out of line is punished immediately.”

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Donetsk Prime Minister Vows Humanitarian Corridor for Besieged Ukrainian Troops

The prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko said the republic’s militia would set up a humanitarian corridor for the surrounded Kiev forces provided they give up their weapons.

“We are ready to provide the Ukrainian forces encircled in those traps with humanitarian corridors, under condition that they give up military hardware and ammunition, so that all that is not used against us in the future,” Zakharchenko said in an interview with Rossiya 24 television.

On Thursday, the militia announced that they surrounded Kiev’s forces outside the small town of Ilovaisk, 22 miles from Donetsk, and captured the checkpoints and strongholds of Ukrainian special forces in the outskirts of the southern town of Novoazovsk on the Sea of Azov.

Earlier on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the independence forces to open a humanitarian corridor “in order to avoid pointless casualties, and to give them an opportunity to freely leave the area of military action, reunite with their families, to return them to mothers, wives and children, to provide medical help to the wounded as a result of the military operation.”...

UN: Ukraine conflict death toll hits 2,600, civilians ‘trapped inside conflict zones’

At least 2,593 people have been killed in eastern Ukraine since the start of the Kiev’s military operation against anti-government forces there started in mid-April, according to a new estimate by the Office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights...

Putin: Failure by Kiev to rescue surrounded troops would be a grave mistake by RT

President Putin has called on self-defense militias in Ukraine to provide Kiev's military units blocked in the east of the country with a safe humanitarian corridor to leave the combat area and "reunite with their families."

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