EU ignores calls to suspend Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács' legislative immunity

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As we have reported earlier, ten days before the European Parliament (EP) elections Prosecutor Péter Polt called on EP President Martin Schulz through diplomatic channels to suspend Jobbik MEP Béla Kovács' parliamentary immunity as the politician has been accused of spying for Russia by the Constitutional Protection Office.

Béla Kovács rejected the accusations and reiterated that he has never been a member of either of the Hungarian or any other foreign secret service, he has never worked for any of them, and he has never been approached by any such agency.

After the Parliamentary Elections the issue was dropped from political discourse, as the charges were obviously baseless; everyone knew this, they were part of the western inspired political campaign against the nationalist party to diminish its chances to win more seats in the European Parliament. As part of the political theatre even PM Viktor Orbán accused the Jobbik politician with high treason. The vile smear campaign took its toll on Kovács' health who as a result had to be admitted to hospital of heart related problems.

Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki pointed out that most probably the Fidesz government instructed the Constitutional Protection Agency to come forward with the case. If Kovács were really a spy, he wouldn't have been accused of spying publicly but he had been apprehended in an operational setup, as espionage is a serious crime unlike shoplifting.

Several experts at that time smiled at the espionage charges against Kovács noting that the charges could be very weak indeed if they have been announced publicly, which is unheard of in the intelligence community.

In the spring, a hearing was held within the framework of the National Security Committee that Jobbik wanted to make public, but the request was rejected.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Was this farce (and farce it is, albeit an unseemly one) perpetrated by Magyar Nemzet alone, or were certain Fidesz people complicit in it? 'To what avail?', one must ask. My favourite answer is that the whole thing was a sort-of black op to strengthen Jobbik, and ipso facto to damage the fake-left, before the EU elections. (I am hoping for others' insights.)

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