Former Bolivian Attorney-General: Evidences have been falsified in the Toásó case

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Edit Tóásó

Former Bolivian Attorney-General Marcelo Soza's statement last week in Brazil can be used at the International court to investigate an alleged terrorist plot against Bolivian President Evo Morales five years ago.

The former Bolivian Attorney-General fled his homeland in March and met the sister of Hungarian citizen Előd Tóásó in Brazil. Előd Tóásó was arrested in La Paz five years ago and has been kept in custody ever since.

At the meeting the former Attorney-General said during the investigation of the alleged terrorist plot evidences have been manipulated by the country's vice-president's brother and the security staff of Bolivian President Evo Morales. During the preliminary stages of the investigation crucial evidences disappeared and the government influenced the investigation so that the outcome of it can support political goals.

Edit Tóásó asked the former Attorney General to reply 34 of her questions; the Attorney General has given a written statement which is nine pages long. A copy of it will be submitted to the Inter-American Court where proceedings in the case of the alleged terrorist plot starts shortly.

Bolivian commandos stormed the Las Americas hotel in Santa Cruz - which is an opposition stronghold - on April 16, 2009 and killed Bolivian born, Bolivian-Hungarian-Croatian citizen Rozsa Flores Eduardo, Hungarian national Árpád Magyarosi and Irish citizen Michael Martin Dwyer. Bolivian-Croatian citizen Mario Tadic and Hungarian citizens Előd Tóásó were arrested and have been kept in custody ever since.

Bolivian authorities insist that they dismantled a terrorist group, which wanted to kill President Evo Morales. The two surviving members of the group should have been released from jail long time ago because under Bolivian law they have been in pre-trial detention longer than 36 months.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, many innocent people become side-effect victims of the Empire's (Mafia) endless wars and destabilization programmes - to control natural resources that belong to others. The colonization is no longer restricted to the 3rd World - the Empire has colonized Eastern Europe through neo-liberal economics.

Bolivia and the Large Scale Extraction of Natural Resources Beyond (neo)extractivism?

...Alberto Acosta, a former energy and mining minister in the Rafael Correa government and now outspoken critic, notes that extractivism is not a new phenomenon. It emerged as “a mode of accumulation” with the colonization of the global South (Africa, Asia and Latin America) and “has been determined ever since by the demands of the metropolitan centres of nascent capitalism.”
“In practice,” explains Acosta, “extractivism has been a mechanism of colonial and neocolonial plunder and appropriation.”
...The capital-intensive nature of extractive industries means they provide little in terms of jobs, and are highly dependent on transnationals based in the global North that continue to maintain a monopoly over the technology and machinery required to run these industries.
This ensures that along with the country’s resources, most of the wealth generated by these industries is also extracted out of the country.
...It also reveals why the struggle for an alternative, post-capitalist development model is intertwined with the need to overcome extractivism.
...other important benefits brought about by greater state control over natural resource wealth.
...Lastly, but perhaps most importantly in terms of attempting to move Bolivia not only in a post-extractivist, but a post-capitalist direction, are the steps taken by the government to help foster the communitarian sector.
This has been done primarily through the creation of a number of small state-owned enterprises in which local producers and communities have a say in how they are run, and the titling of over thirty-five million hectares of land as either communitarian property or indigenous territories.
The state has also sought to strengthen communitarian agriculture practices through preferential access to equipment, supplies, no-interest loans, and state-subsidized markets...

Anonymous said...

Another Suspicious Plane Crash in Latin America Bolsters American and Globalist Interests

...As with the British, Australian, and New Zealand Labor Parties, the Canadian Liberal and New Democratic Parties, and the U.S. Democratic Party, corporate and Zionist interests infiltrated the Brazilian Socialist Party and largely transformed it into a «Third Way» pro-business party fraudulently retaining the use of the «socialist» designation.
...The State Department and the CIA have been looking for weak links in Rousseff's Brazil to create the same conditions of instability they have fomented in other countries in Latin America, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina (through a national credit default engineered by Zionist vulture capitalist Paul Singer), and Bolivia. However, Rousseff, who antagonized Washington by announcing, along with other BRICS leaders in Fortaleza, the establishment of a BRICS development bank to compete with the U.S.- and European Union-controlled World Bank
...Silva, an evangelical Christian in a largely Roman Catholic country, is also seen as close to the global «civil society» infrastructure of «controlled opposition» groups financed by hedge fund master manipulator George Soros. As a leader of Brazil's Amazon rain forest protection efforts, Silva has been lauded by environmental groups funded by Soros's Open Society Institute. Silva's campaign rhetoric is rife with such Soros code phrases as «sustainable society», «knowledge society,» and «diversity».
... Silva marched with the Brazilian team at the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London. Brazilian Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said that Silva's participation in the Olympics was approved by the British royal family and that she «always had good relations with the European aristocracy».
Silva is also more moderate than Rousseff on Israel's policies toward Palestine. As an Assemblies of God Pentecostal Christian, Silva is a member of a denomination that provides core membership for the worldwide movement of «Christian Zionists» who are as avidly as pro-Israel as such Zionist Jewish organizations as B'nai B'rith and the World Jewish Congress.
...In 1996, Silva was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, which was established by Goldman Insurance Company founder Richard Goldman and his wife Rhoda Goldman, an heir to the Levi Strauss clothing company fortune. In 2010, Silva was named by Foreign Policy magazine, edited by David Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates, to its list of «top global thinkers».
...The U.S. and Soros have been looking for various ways to penetrate and disrupt the BRICS nations.
...CIA and Soros as the best opportunity to insert one of their own, in this case, Marina Silva, into the leadership of a BRICS nation in order to exact a «Trojan horse» attack on the increasingly important economic bloc.
The plane crash that killed Eduardo Campos helped advance a George Soros-funded operative closer to the Alvorada presidential palace in Brasilia.

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