Hungary opposes new sanctions against Russia

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Parliamentary State Secretary Péter Szijjártó held a press conference in Budapest Friday afternoon where he was asked about the situation in Ukraine.

Szijjártó remarked that Russia Hungary's third largest trading partner and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict can have profoundly negative consequences for Hungary. Sanctions can in particular negatively affect Hungarian agriculture and food exports to Russia.

If any member of the European Union would propose new sanctions against Russia, it would be equally damaging to Russia, and the European Union including Hungary referring to the weekend's EU summit by the prime ministers and foreign ministers of the EU countries.

If the topic of sanctions will come up at the meeting PM Viktor Orbán will obviously consider the impact of the proposed sanctions on the Hungarian economy and he votes accordingly said Szijjártó.

According to the secretary of state, Russia and the European Union must live in a strategic alliance in a future. This would help Europe to regain its competitive edge said the minister of state.

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Anonymous said...

It is REALLY TIME to think dead-on SERIOUSLY, to get out of the EU.
It's already a (huge) net LOSS for HU, when profits earned in HU by European (and other) multinationals, are taken out of HU.
To make things even worse, a LOT of those profits are tax-free to boot, due to various tax-free agreements and concessions.

This "membership" SUCKS - pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture - the way he is holding his glasses - a clear give-away that this person is a member of a secret "club" - a standard signal. The elites signal messages to other members through their public gestures and hand signals.

Angela Merkel is a master of hand gestures.

Anonymous said...

I often push on my glasses the exact same way.
Let me assure you, that I'm no member of any club, open or secret.
These are habits.
Besides, not all people wear glasses "to signal with", so what the glass-free 'secret club member' people do??

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