Moscow Slams Kiev's Use of Aircraft, Heavy Weaponry Against Civilians as Unacceptable

Friday, August 15, 2014

MOSCOW, August 15 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in a phone call with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Friday that Kiev's use of combat aircraft and heavy artillery against civilian population in eastern Ukraine was unacceptable.

“The Russian defense minister...stressed that the use of combat aviation and heavy artillery, including multiple-launch rocket systems and missiles against civilians and civilian infrastructure in the region was unacceptable,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Shoigu described the situation in the Ukrainian conflict zone as a “humanitarian catastrophe” and notified Hagel of the problems encountered by the Russian humanitarian aid convoy en route to the population of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions caught in armed hostilities between Kiev-led forces and independence supporters, according to the statement.

The Russian minister also reiterated the urgent need for immediate ceasefire in the violence-hit region and the establishment of safe corridors for deliveries of humanitarian aid and evacuation of civilians from the combat zone. And expressed concerns about increased NATO and US military activity on the Russian border.

Earlier today, Russia's Foreign Ministry denied allegations about a Russian "incursion" in Ukraine and urged the European Union to stick to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and not to send weapons to Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Russia sent to Ukraine 280 trucks carrying about 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid, including 400 tons of grain, 100 tons of sugar, 62 tons of infant food, 54 tons of medical supplies and medication, 12,000 sleeping bags and 69 mobile electrical generators.

(RIA Novosti)


Anonymous said...

Ukraine Atrocities: The Illegal Use of White Phosphorous Fire Bombs Against Donetsk Civilians

A Terrible Normality: The Massacres and Aberrations of History
Through much of history the abnormal has been the norm

How to Start a War: The American Use of War Pretext Incidents

...Every time the US has gone to war, pretext incidents have been used. Upon later examination, the conventional perception of these events is always challenged and eventually exposed as untrue. Historians, investigative journalists and many others, have cited eyewitness accounts, declassified documents and statements made by the perpetrators themselves to demonstrate that the provocative incidents were used as stratagems to stage-manage the march to war.
Here are a few particularly blatant examples of this phenomenon.
1846: The Mexican-American War
1898: The Spanish-American War
1915: World War I
1941: World War II
1950: The Korean War
1964: The Vietnam War
1983: The Invasion of Grenada
1989: The Invasion of Panama

Provocations as Pretexts for Imperial War: From Pearl Harbor to 9/11

Order Out of Chaos: The Global Elites Plan for a “Middle Eastern Union”

Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”

Anonymous said...

Ukraine Crisis Continues by Paul Craig Roberts

...In other words, Washington and its presstitutes are protecting the lie that Washington and its media vassals successfully spread around the world and have used as the basis for further sanctions that escalate the conflict with Russia. Washington could not possibly make it clearer that Washington intends to escalate, not defuse, the conflict that Washington alone orchestrated.
... In Ukraine the Russian government has two alternatives. One is to announce that the ongoing slaughter and the unresponsiveness of Kiev and its Western backers to Russia’s efforts to end the killing with a diplomatic settlement has caused Russia to reconsider the provinces’ requests to be reunited with Russia and that any further attacks on these territories will be regarded as attacks on Russia and be met with a devastating military response.

The other alternative is for Putin to meet privately with Washington’s stooge and convey to the corrupt oligarch that enough is enough and that if the attacks continue Russia will accept the requests for reunification and protect the provinces. Putin would explain to Washington’s stooge that if he wants to retain the former Russian territories as part of Ukraine, he will have to work out satisfactory arrangements with the provinces. In other words, Putin would deliver an ultimatum, one that required an immediate answer so that the stooge couldn’t run to Washington and Washington would not have time to create a new propaganda.

Karl Marx regarded morality as a rationale for class interests. As each class created a morality to justify its interests, there was no basis for good will between people. With reform impossible, violence becomes the only effective method of change. Washington has its own version of Marx’s doctrine. As the exceptional country, history has chosen the US to prevail over other countries’ interests. Prevailing rules out diplomacy which requires compromise. Therefore, Washington, like Marx, relies on violence.

The Russian government cannot rely on diplomacy and good will if the West is relying on violence.

Perhaps s solution could be found by President Putin meeting separately with Merkel and Hollande and explaining that Russia cannot indefinitely accept sanctions based on lies and propaganda without taking more determined steps than Russian sanctions against European agricultural products. Putin could make it clear that if Europe continues to accommodate Washington’s assault on Russia, the flow of energy could be restricted or be turned off.

Additionally, President Putin might explain to the European leaders that the dynamics of Washington’s campaign to demonize Russia can escape control and result in war that would devastate Europe. Putin could tell Europeans that by disassociating from Washington’s foreign policy and adopting foreign policies that serve their own interests instead of Washington’s, Europeans have nothing to lose but their chains of vassalage.

Putin could explain to Europeans that Russia is prepared to guarantee Europe’s security and, therefore, that Europe does not need Washington’s guarantee against a nonexistent Russian threat.

If this very reasonable and diplomatic approach to Europe fails, then Russia and China know that they must prepare for war.

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