On the second day of the canoeing world championships in Moscow Hungarian athletes won seven medals – one gold, two silver and four bronze

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kozák Danuta, Vad Ninetta, Kárász Anna és Szabó Gabriella (from left to right)

On the second day of the canoeing world championships in Moscow the Hungarian women's kayak team (Szabó Gabriella, Kozák Danuta, Kárász Anna, Vad Ninetta) won gold medal in K-4 500m.

"It was easier than we thought," joked the girls after the award winning ceremony. For Anna Karasz this gold medal was a memorable one as she celebrated her first senior world championship title in Moscow.

Benedek Dalma / Csipes Tamara

Tamara Csipes in women's K-1 1000m won silver and Erika  Medveczky/ Alíz Sarudi d uo won bronze in K-2 1000m.

Renáta Csay in K-1 5000m also won bronze medal.

In the men's events, Attila Vajda won silver in C-1 5000m and bronze in C-1 1000m.

In men's C-4 1000m the Hungarian team (Vass András, Kiss Tamás, Sarudi Pál, Varga Dávid” also won bronze medal.

Sarudi Alíz / Medveczky Erika

Vajda Attila

Kiss Tamás, Sarudi Pál, Varga Dávid és Vass András(from left to right)

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