PM Viktor Orbán has criticized sanctions imposed on Russia

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Those who claim that the European Union's sanction policy towards Russia is successful and it will solve the Ukrainian crises are fooling themselves said PM Viktor Orbán after arriving at the European Union summit in Brussels.

The prime minister strongly believes that the conflict can be resolved only through negotiations. The summit will review the current EU policy towards solving the crisis in Ukraine and will correct those policies if need be said Orbán.

Replying to a journalist's question whether the nomination of Federica Mogherini as the European Union's new foreign affairs chief and Polish PM Donald Tusk as the head of the European Council would be acceptable for Hungary, PM Viktor Orbán replied that he was the supporter of rational solutions and the nomination of the mentioned politician seemed quite reasonable.

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Anonymous said...

Hungary’s Orban Bashes Liberal Immigration Policy

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday lashed out against immigration, setting one of the main policy objectives of his next term in power after winning parliamentary elections in April.

“The goal is to cease immigration whatsoever,” said Hungary’s prime minister. “I think the current liberal immigration policy, which is considered obvious and morally based, is hypocrite,” Mr. Orban said...

Norway asks EU to sanction Hungary

Tensions between Norway and Hungary escalated after the Nordic country on Thursday asked the EU to consider sanctions against the eastern European country.

A fight between the two countries broke out earlier this summer over funds donated by Norway to Hungarian charity groups. Hungarian government inspectors raided several non-governmental organizations it considered politically biased against the current leaders...

Norway Undermines, Pushes Mass Immigration on Hungary

It turns out that Norway (of all countries) are funneling state funds to NGO’s and political parties that are in opposition to the current Hungarian government. That means that Norway is sponsoring groups and political parties that seek to end Victor Orban’s strong anti immigration policy. Norway then inadvertently (probably knowingly) is pushing for more immigration on Hungary. Now when they have been caught red handed, the suicidal liberal nordic country are pushing for the EU to impose sanctions against the Eastern European country for taking care of these subversive activities. Norway, MIND YOUR OWN F***ING BUSINESS!...

Anonymous said...

This is subversive in the the truest meaning of the word. The Norwegian ambassador should be declared "persona non grata" immediately; and visa requirement should be implemented for all Norwegians immediately.
This can be done with ease, as Norway is not an EU member, therefore EU border crossing rules do not apply.
Hungary MUST remind Norway with a baseball bat, that their rules, sensibilities, culture, etc DO NOT apply to other countries other than their own. This religion-like fervor and belief system(!) of the West must be stopped - at least by HU.
They have ALL the hallmarks of religion - including its propagation.
This is a belief system - like Catholicism or Islamism, etc - with no empirical time-tested proof whatsoever, that it is in fact beneficial to the populace.
In fact, so far the opposite is true; that it's utterly detrimental resulting in civil friction at best, civil strife at worst. University studies exist which ALL point to multikulti being completely negative, damaging to society wherever it's at. (Harvard U., Robert Putnam study: )
This belief system is wholly driven by emotions, utterly devoid of reason, experience and logic.
It's a zombie-like "religion" to the extent, like the self-flagellation with barbed whips of crazy Christians in days of old.

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