Skirmishes between the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian National Guard getting more frequent

Monday, August 18, 2014

According to the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zaharchenko Ukrainian army units switch sides more often as the war drags on. "Recently, one of the commanders of the 25th Airborne Brigade took a BMP with him and went over to the rebels' side. These sorts of incidents happen every day, which shows that an increasing number of Ukrainian soldiers dissatisfied with the war. It is conceivable that in the near future more Ukrainian army units from Dimitrovka region will join us," said the prime minister.

At a press-conference Zaharchenko stressed that Ukrainian soldiers do not understand what they are doing here. "They come here and see that we are fighting for our homes and our families. We have reasons to fight; those who defend their homes and families have much higher moral grounds than those fighting for money like the mercenaries who do not really understand the situation here."

Zaharchenko noted that the people's militia doesn't look at Ukrainian soldiers as enemy but as an ally; the soldiers are aware of this that's why they join us an increasing number. Skirmishes among regular army units and the newly formed Dnepr and Ajdar detachments are getting more frequent, for the elite units terrorize the civilian population on the regular basis. Right now, in the neighborhood of Ilovajsk fighting has been erupted between regular army units and the National Guard, said PM Zaharchenko.

One must understand that a large number of foreign mercenaries fighting in the ranks of the National Guard; they are commanded mostly by English speaking "instructors". What the Ukrainian soldiers see is that the National Guard made up by foreign nationals where the language of communication is English. In the early stages of the war, there were lots of confusion due to lack of understanding among foreign mercenaries and regular army units, as Ukrainian soldiers didn't understand English - commands first had to be translated into Ukrainian so that regular soldiers could carry out the orders of the foreign officers.

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West has more influence than Kiev on oligarchs’ armies in Ukraine – Lavrov

Moscow believes the West has more influence on various paramilitary forces in Ukraine - sponsored by local oligarchs - than Kiev does, Russian FM said citing the latest bickering between Right Sector and the Interior Ministry.

“The authorities in Kiev are not in control of the numerous paramilitary forces, including Right Sector, which, we estimate, comprises a large portion of the National Guard. The demarche of Right Sector towards the Ukrainian Interior Minister speaks for itself,” Sergey Lavrov said, adding that existence of armed groups sponsored by Ukrainian oligarchs, such as the Azov and Dnepr battalions, poses a great security threat.

“We work with our Western partners in Europe and the United States who can really influence those paramilitary units that don’t answer to the central government in Kiev. We know the West has such influence,” he added.

Lavrov was referring to the weekend ultimatum of the far-right group, which threatened to pull out its troops from eastern Ukraine and march on Kiev unless President Petro Poroshenko fires several police officials, including a deputy interior minister. The group later reduced its demands, saying that the release of its activists previously arrested by the police was sufficient...

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