The Hungarian capital is the sixth most popular destination among tourists in Europe

Thursday, August 7, 2014

According to the readers of Travel & Leisure magazine, the Hungarian capital is the sixth most popular destination in Europe.

Tourists love affair with Budapest continues. In the past year various tourist magazines already praised the Hungarian capital as a must-see place to visit; the new survey by the U.S. Travel & Leisure magazine shows once again that the Hungarian capital is among the most popular travel destinations in Europe.

Top European cities according to a new survey by Travel & Leisure magazine

1 Florence (Italy)
2 Rome (Italy)
3 Istanbul (Turkey)
4 Seville (Spain)
5 Barcelona (Spain)
6 Budapest (Hungary)
7 Prague (Czech Republic)
8 Siena (Italy)
9 Paris (France)
10 Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

( – Travel & Leisure magazine -


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