The world's first water-house has been introduced to the public

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Architect Mátyás Gutai (left) and Economist Milán Berényi

The world's first water-house has been designed by Hungarian architect Mátyás Gutai who is a students at the University of Tokyo.

The native of Kecskemét introduced the prototype of the design to the public in his hometown. The building's walls could be made either ​​of transparent materials or fully closed components: After assembling the structure it is filled with water. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation.

The so-called liquid cooling panel simultaneously heats and stores solar energy, thus the structure essentially acts as a passive house. Gutai said negotiations were underway with several companies regarding the sale of the invention. He hopes that very soon we'll see water houses all over the world.

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