Turkish-Hungarian Brotherhood square has been inaugurated in Eger

Saturday, August 16, 2014

With the inauguration of the Turkish-Hungarian Brotherhood square Pasha Oak-i Humayun's tent and Bea Piros Rostás' statue of sixteenth century Turkish traveler Evliya Celebi were also unveiled in Dobó street of Eger.

In 2010, the Hungarian-Turkish Friendship Association Eger wing unveiled Eger Castle cannon, and then, organizers decided that in the near future they will make every effort to further strengthen relationship between Turkey and the city of Eger. One of the dreams of the organizing committee has come true by unveiling Pasha Otak-i Humayun's tent on Friday writes
Orientalist Tamás Soós said to the Heves county news site that the 64-square-meter tent made of leather; the furnishings including the coffee-house fixtures, various ornaments, clothes, Persian rugs have been obtained as a major cooperative effort by the various agencies worked on the project.

Later on the tent will function as a coffee-house, but organizers have bigger plans too - by collaboration with István Dobó Castle Museum, Eger municipal government and the Centre for Arts and Culture they want to make the tent available for unique theater performances as well.
The inauguration ceremony has been attended by Turkish Ambassador to Hungary Sákir Fakili and his wife Behiya Fakili as well as Turkish representatives of TIKA Development Agency.

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