Two atlanticist flunkies once again fomenting hatred against the Orbán government

Friday, August 22, 2014

In an article in “Project Syndicate” the two seriously bent clowns (Thorsten Benner/Wolfgang H. Reinicke) among other things, advocate more financial support for Hungary's hostile NGOs and the globalist controlled local media; in addition, they call on German chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union to introduce punitive measures against the Hungarian government.

Fixing Europe’s Orbán Problem

“...following Norway’s example, European countries should increase support for civil-society initiatives that are under pressure from Orbán’s government, and find innovative ways to support independent media. With all of Hungary’s public media outlets singing Orbán’s tune, Radio Free Europe and Deutsche Welle might consider launching Hungarian-broadcasts.”

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Anonymous said...

Europe A Union of Common Censorship

For once Brussels has unified Europe, albeit by marrying Kafka with Orwell in a modern day Ministry of Truth.

Freedom is fundamental to prosperity. Those who cherish freedom most are often those who have not always enjoyed it. Thus the souls whose lives were blighted by Communist totalitarianism often rejoice at the simplest pleasures, even 25 years after the evils of the system were unraveled across Europe. Their joy in being able to travel has been hugely enhanced by that core Western value - freedom. Unfortunately, just as the European Union appears to have forgotten how to create prosperity, so, too, it seems to have gone somewhat patchy on the notion of freedom.
The latest developments on censorship expand upon the core carping of the politically correct - a group whose senses of humor, irony and objectivity were obviously removed when doctors meant to go for their tonsils during childhood. Pardon my ignorance, but what was so bad with the simple maxim “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will not affect me?” Back in the day it was fair to say “it’s a free country” and get on with life...but no more.

The latest political insanity comes from meddlesome Brussels bigots and their judicial cousins at the European Court of Justice, or the liberal loonies of Luxembourg as they deserve to be named...

Anonymous said...

Barroso Represents Just Another Fake Portuguese Socialist

...Barosso has always been a compliant stooge for the Eurocrats of Brussels and their globalist and international banker overlords. Barosso’s curriculum vitae strongly suggests that he was one of many Central Intelligence Agency plants inside the West European «New Left» movement of the 1960s and 70s. In his college days at the University of Lisbon, Barosso was a member of the Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers/Revolutionary Movement of the Portuguese Proletariat (PCTP/MRPP). Barosso boasts that he joined the Maoist front to fight against the much stronger and strongly anti-NATO and anti-European Economic Community (EEC) Portuguese Communist Party. During the 1960s and 70s, the CIA infiltrated a number of «Maoist» and Trotskyist groups in Western Europe in order to divide the left in order to suppress it with right-wing governments. Barosso served his masters in Langley, Virginia well after the 1974 «Carnation Revolution» in Portugal that ousted the «Second Republic» fascist military regime.
...Overnight, Barosso, the consummate opportunist, changed his political stripes from «Maoist» to a center-right and pro-business advocate for NATO and a united Europe. In the succeeding years, Barosso fought successfully to transform the center-left Social Democrats into the right-wing, pro-NATO, and pro-European Union political party that it is today.
...Gonçalves’s policy of bank nationalization was seen as an existential threat to the robber barons of London and Wall Street. Soares became Prime Minister in 1976 and began moving Portugal into the pro-Europe and pro-NATO camp.
... In 1992, Barasso became Portuguese Foreign Minister. The Georgetown University-trained former «Maoist» was now in a position which would handsomely return the CIA’s early investment. Barosso became noticed by the power structure in Brussels as a willing and useful future EU official, beholden not only to the false democracy of the EU infrastructure but to his patrons in Washington, DC.

In 2002, Barosso formed a coalition between his Social Democrats and the right-wing and disingenuously-named People’s Party. Barosso became Portugal’s Prime Minister. Barosso began Potugal’s tortuous policy of austerity, cutting the government budget by attacking social safety net programs. In March 2003, Barosso met with President George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Spain’s neo-Francoist Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar in the Azores, a Portuguese dependency in the Atlantic and the home of a NATO base, to announce a quadripartite «coalition of the willing» agreement that would see Portuguese and Spanish troops join America’s foolhardy invasion and occupation of Iraq.

In 2004, Barosso helped the EU hammer out the EU’s constitution, which became known as the Treaty of Lisbon. In return for his valued services to the EU, Barosso was chosen as the President of the European Council and in 2009, his loyalty to both Brussels and Washington was rewarded with another five-year term...

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