Ukrainian guerrilla training initiative was announced on Facebook

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

© Photo: Voice of Russia

Ukrainian army Donbassz battalion commander Semyon Semjonchenko called on the Facebook community to join the "partisan movement" still under organization.

Semjonchenko remarked in his Facebook entry that soon, a general meeting will be held for leaders of the counties to discuss the initiative and after that organizers will hold a press conference where officially announcing the formation of the partisan training program.

Semjonchenko noted that organizers will provide instructors for the program and all the necessary means, which prepare “graduates” to become successful guerrilla fighters.

The Donbassz battalion commander called on the Ukrainian president and the government to openly and demonstratively begin to prepare the nation for guerrilla warfare.

(Oroszország Hangja –

(Note: The initiative hauntingly resembles the “Contras” affair, the formation of the pro-American insurgent group by western intelligence agencies in the early '90s with the aim to take over the popular anti-American Sandinista government. However, the situation in Ukraine is completely different from that of Nicaragua three decades ago. One of the most important differences is that the Ukrainian people's militia has the full support of Russia, a neighbor of Ukraine that provides full logistic and other support to the militia; the rebel forces also enjoy the support of the people of the Eastern counties that made up mostly by ethnic Russians. The yet to be formed Ukrainian “partisan army” that most probably will be made up by foreign mercenaries won't have public support; public support is a major requirement for a guerrilla army to succeed especially, when it operates under harsh climate that includes long winters. Taking some of these factors into account, it is not that hard to see that the guerrilla army initiative is a ridiculous proposition and dead in the water.)


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