Ukrainians start realizing the extent of catastrophe their illegitimate leaders prepared for them

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A remarkable footage showing family members of survivors and victims confronting an officer that they hold responsible for sending their children to certain death to the eastern front. The video was shot in the city of Novohrad-Volynskyi where the barracks of the destroyed mechanized brigade is located.

The 30th mechanized brigade, which consisted of 4,700 troops was ordered to the Miusinsk and Krasnyi Luch region on August 5 to support the army's offensive against rebel forces. They engaged in urban warfare in the mentioned municipalities with insurgents that encircled the towns. The soldiers were ordered by their commanders to continue fighting even after officers realized that the situation was hopeless. In the next seven days, the 30th mechanized brigade was virtually destroyed. Only 83 soldiers survived and managed to break out of the encirclement.

Survivors told family members that they could not even bury the dead bodies of their comrades because they were under constant artillery attack.

First, the surviving soldiers received permission to retreat, and when the handful of survivors returned to their bases they have been declared deserters by their commanders.

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Over 1,000 civilians, including 76 children killed in Donbass for last 2 months

More than one thousand civilians have been killed in a punitive operation in Donbass for the last two months, lawmakers from parliament of the unrecognized federative state of Novorossia said in an address to parliaments of European countries, Malaysia, Australia and the United States.

“More than 1,129, including 348 women and 76 children have been killed in a punitive operation for the last two months,” the press service of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic quoted lawmakers as saying in their address.

The infrastructure of regional towns was destroyed, many of which were left without power, gas and water supplies. “Hundreds of thousands were left homeless. More than half a million had to flee their homes and run away from the country,” the address reads.

Lawmakers noted that Novorossia, self-proclaimed federative union state of Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, “had to protect themselves, because they cannot permit to kill” and encroach on the rights of their citizens, urging lawmakers from other countries “to stop a war in Ukraine“.

Militias take control of 3 towns in eastern Ukraine — Novorossiya News Agency

Militia forces have taken three towns in war-torn eastern Ukraine under full control, the Novorossiya News Agency said on its website on Friday.

During the offensive, militia units seized several villages in south-eastern Ukraine, the news agency said.

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) army said, “Street fighting continued in Ilovaisk yesterday. The (Ukrainian army’s) Dnieper, Azov and Donbass punitive battalions made new attempts to attack and take the city, but all to no avail.”

“Fortifications are being erected and trenches are being dug on the outskirts of Dnipropetrovsk and Sloviansk,” DPR sources said.

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Weapons, Prostitutes and Drugs –These are Things Petro Poroshenko is Associated With

...Many regions refuse to recognize as President this chocolate king who is notorious for pocketing government money. Poroshenko has no chance to stop the bloody conflict even scrupulously carrying out all the orders given by Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt. Besides, the mission of putting an end to bloodshed has never been set by his US bosses…

Billionaire Poroshenko started his business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own. The story is invented. He made a head start thanks to the criminal connections of his father sentenced for large-scale theft in 1986. Having served the sentence, Poroshenko Sr. launched his own business making his son involved in the activities. The business was dirty, it all started with plundering state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine. Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, «It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son». Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits – in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The would-be President-elect is well known for misappropriating budget funds. He has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air. Many times he has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors. Certainly he is not just another swindler but a tycoon, an owner of huge and diversified business empire.

Forbes lists Petro Poroshenko as the 130th richest Jew in the world with 1, 6 billion dollars. The would-be President of Ukraine Poroshenko was born Waltzman. Poroshenko is his mother’s name, she was also a Jew. In the past Poroshenko was a sponsor of Our Ukraine and Victor Yushchenko. His business empire also includes the 5th TV channel known for vehement anti-Russian propaganda. Until recently his Roshen confectionary manufacturing group had earned hundreds of millions in US dollars making business in Russia. As of 2012, Roshen accounted for 3, 2% of Russian market (the 6th largest producer). He always used the money earned for anti-Russian projects.
...Now Poroshenko exercises control over local authorities in the Vinnytsia, Volyn, Chernovitsy and Zaporozhye regions dreaming of spreading his power to the whole Ukraine. His propensity to get involved in monkey business can hardly be restrained. Poroshenko is one of the most odious figures in Ukrainian politics and heads the list of the country’s corrupted persons. Having suffered so many failures, he is going to become the country’s next President with Washington’s blessing.

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Why should UK taxpayers foot the bill for Ukrainian oligarchs’ military adventures?

... This week the PM, who is valued at a comparably modest £4 million, pledged £1 billion from UK taxpayers to the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko – worth the considerably higher figure of $1.3 billion. Cameron is considered an aristocrat in Britain but his Ukrainian counterpart is known as an oligarch. Poroshenko has amassed this fortune in a country with an average monthly salary which is 1/15th that of the UK.
However, the Ukrainian president is a mere pauper by comparison with the countries’ richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, who has somehow got his hands on $17.8 billion (according to, a leading Ukrainian news portal) in the last two decades, or roughly 10 percent of the war-torn state’s entire GDP. Akhmetov, who didn’t make his cash running corner shops, is well known to the UK elite...

The UK’s richest man, Irish-born Gerald Grosvenor, is no match for Akhmetov, but somehow makes do with a pot worth $11.4 billion. Grosvenor, also known as the 6th Duke of Westminster, certainly could not be described as nouveau riche – his fortune dates back to the 19th century and was largely created by his ancestor Hugh, the first Duke. Other, genuinely entrepreneurial Brits like Richard Branson ($4.6 billion) and James Dyson ($4.4 billion) are in the ha'penny place set side-by-side with the Donbass mogul.
The two Ukrainian oligarchs are not unique in their country, there are plenty of other billionaires knocking around Kiev and, in 2008, it was estimated that the top 50 controlled 85 percent of the nation’s GDP. Indeed, Forbes names nine Ukrainians on its tally of the world’s richest people. Ireland, with a total GDP that is 16 percent higher than Ukraine’s, and with only 10 percent of the population, has a mere 3 native born sons on the list – which gives you some idea of the gap between the elite and the rest in Ukraine. In Europe, we often talk about the ‘one percent’ but in Kiev, it’s more about the 0.000001 percent.
Ironically, should Poroshenko emerge victorious in his current military campaign against rebels in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, the biggest economic winner would be Akhmetov, as most of his business interests are situated in that area.
...Step forward Ihor Kolomoisky, who fancies himself as the new Poroshenko (who was the new Tymoshenko, who was the new… repeat ad infinitum). Proud patriot Kolomoisky, a citizen of no less than three countries – Cyprus, Israel and Ukraine – has adroitly used his emergency appointment as governor of Dnepropetrovsk to position himself as a staunch advocate of Ukrainian nationalism.
He is also significantly richer than the incumbent, with $6.5 billion on hand, according to Korrespondent. Unlike most of his peers, Kolomoisky has also, Bond-villain style, dipped into his humungous pockets to assist the military campaign with his own private militia – numbering between 2,000 and 20,000 men, depending on who you believe.
...P.S. Russia also has problems with inequality and a culture of oligarchy. This arose in the ’90s after the economic shock therapy forced on it following the collapse of the USSR. Despite the work of President Putin’s administration to correct some of the wrongs of that period, inequality and a concentration of wealth remains a problem in Russia.

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Why isn't Ukraine a cause for Hollywood celebrities?

... Where’s Bono? George Clooney? Even Madonna? They could be having a communal conclave in a pub near the U2 frontman’s Dublin home, or be chewing on Margarita’s at the ER star’s Lake Como pile, but one thing these celebrity activists are not doing is commenting on a horrific refugee crisis in Europe. Given that they have rarely seen a cause they couldn’t sponsor or a bandwagon they couldn’t leap onto, something is amiss.

In the 90s, the mere mention of Bosnia (slowly pronounced BOS-KNEE-AH for emphasis) was enough to get Bono in a tizzy about human rights and displaced persons. So much so that he wrote a rather good song about it and roped in the late Luciano Pavarotti to add gravitas. Madonna was falling over herself a few years ago about Malawi, and Clooney took Sudan so seriously that he led a ‘Save Darfur’ rally in Washington.

However, despite around three-quarters of a million Ukrainians fleeing to Russia alone this year, the celebs have placed their pulpits in storage and have absolutely nothing to say. Notwithstanding the reputation of its ladies, it appears Ukraine just isn’t sexy enough for the superstar lobbyists.

Starved of the oxygen real star-power can grant, pro-Kiev movements have had to reach for the Z list for empathy. Instead of Brangelina, backers include Carl Bildt (looks too much like an accountant), Zbigniew Brzezinski (helped create Al Qaeda), The Scorpions (last top 10 hit in 1991) and Lithuanian punk-rocker Andrius Mamontovas (who?)...

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The Guns of August, Duel of Nerves Between Russia and America

...Ostensibly this is a duel of nerves between Russia and the US; though many states, great and small, from China to Bolivia, are interested in dismantling the US hegemony, meanwhile Russia is the only one with political will, military clout and economical stamina to mess with the bully.
...Russia’s aims are not so grand: the country wants to live peacefully its own way and to be respected. This desire has been summed up by its opponents as “challenging the architecture of the post-cold-war order”, and it is probably true, for “the order” denies countries’ right for peace and independence.
...Russia is not alone. China usually supports its moves, India under Modi gets closer, Latin America builds its alliance with Russia, Iran looks for friendship in Moscow. Equally important, in every state there are people who are dissatisfied with the existing post-cold-war set-up of diminished sovereignty.
...For a long while the US was itching to teach Russia a lesson. Russia was not in full rebellion: it sold its oil and gas for US greenbacks, it kept profits in the US Treasury papers, it observed the sanctions on Iran, it did not interfere with despoiling of Libya. Still it was not sufficiently obedient. Russia blocked destruction of Syria; it toyed with de-dollarisation of oil trade; it was for Christ and against gay marriages; cunningly it tried to undermine the Western unity by building pipelines and bridges and bribing Europeans. In short, Russia forgot its collapse of 1991.
The Ukraine was chosen by the US as a suitable place to ignite a war, or at least to put Russia a couple of notches down and to get rid of Putin who became by far too independent.
...In Putin’s view, Europe is more important than Ukraine. He is willing to sacrifice Donbass in hope to gain Berlin. For years, he courted old Europe.
...But this was a chance for the Western media machine to unleash its dreadful might. This machine is as powerful as nuclear weapons; when in full blast, it incapacitates leaders and countries. Thousands of TV channels, newspapers, radio programs, bloggers, internet sites, experts, ministers, presidents united in one single message, terrifying as vox Dei, though it’s not even a vox populi, just a device of Masters of Discourse, akin to big trumpets used by Romans to scare the barbarians.

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It is time for Ukrainians to wake up and stop sacrificing themselves for dual citizen Oligarchs and Western financial interests.

Anti-govt forces ‘circle 1000s of Kiev troops, capture 2 tank battalions’ in E.Ukraine

After sustained defensive combat against Ukrainian troops in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk during August, rebels are now reporting of entrapping two large groups of Kiev troops and seizing military hardware in a counteroffensive.

The main headquarters of the DPR army has made a decision to stop operations in small groups and form full-bodied independent military units, the anti-Kiev forces say in a summary of their operations filed on Sunday.

They also say they are blocking a large “punitive force” near Alekseevskoe, Blagodatnoe, Voykovsky, Kuteinikovo, Ulyanovskoe and Uspenka.

Some 5,000 Kiev troops “with military hardware” including some 50 tanks, over 200 armored vehicles and 50 artillery rocket systems (including Grad) are trapped in the area, the DPR claims.

“DNR’s army has surrounded the staff headquarters of the 8th army corps, 28th and 30th mechanized brigades, 95th air mobile brigade of the army of Ukraine, and also punitive battalions ‘Aidar’, ‘Donbass’ and ‘Shakhtersk’,” the document claims...

Lavrov: Russia to send another humanitarian convoy to Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced plans for a second humanitarian convoy to be sent to eastern Ukraine, urging foreign actors and agencies to participate in continuing efforts at relieving the crisis.

Failure to do so would constitute a violation of international law, he warned.

“Anyone in need of aid shall receive it,” the FM said, stressing that it is important to learn from the mistakes of the first attempt and to look forward to closer cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities this time around.
...The FM also added that the shelling of schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other vulnerable institutions and structures can no longer be excused by claims of “wrongful shooting” or be written off as “accidental.”...

Anonymous said...

Scenes we need to see more often - marching captured, coward Kiev soldiers through the streets of Donetsk on Ukrainian Victory Day. They don't look too brave or proud in the parade - perhaps they should be in a Gay Pride Parade ! Attacking and shelling civilians in cities - the idiots aren't bright enough to realize they are doing the dirty work for the Oligarchs and Western financial Oligarchs.

Priceless - next, capture the Oligarchs and Western elites and march them through the streets pelted with tomatoes.

Captured Kiev soldiers, military hardware on display in Donetsk

Lavrov on Donetsk POWs: Didn’t see anything which would remind me of humiliation

Several dozen captured Kiev soldiers were paraded through the streets of Donetsk, Sunday, where they were heckled by a large crowd. 'I saw the parade pictures in question, and didn’t see anything which would remind me of humiliation of captured soldiers', said Russian FM Sergey Lavrov on news conference Monday.

From one of the comments above:
"...The two Ukrainian oligarchs are not unique in their country, there are plenty of other billionaires knocking around Kiev and, in 2008, it was estimated that the top 50 controlled 85 percent of the nation’s GDP...."

Anonymous said...

Kiev's Western backers have their own agenda by RT

Anonymous said...

The Ukrainian terror operation is going badly in the East of Ukraine - the tide is turning against Kiev - their own soldiers are deserting in droves. Time to get rid of the dual citizen Ukrainian Oligarchs and hold them to account. Expect the Western Propaganda machine to ramp-up to high gear to deflect the disaster (blame) away from the Oligarchy.

The Canadian Communist Broadcast Corporation (CBC) mouthpiece had to change its propaganda tune and reverse itself in a matter of hours. The original story disappeared !

Initial CBC story:
"Russian tanks enter Ukraine, fire missiles at border post"

"Two columns of tanks and military vehicles rolled into southeastern Ukraine from Russia on Thursday after Grad missiles were fired at a border .."

"Updated Ukraine crisis: UN Security Council members express outrage as Russian tanks roll in 20,000 Russian troops remain in Russia, near Ukraine border"

'Kiev, rise up!' Protesters demand ouster of Ukrainian president, defense minister

Hundreds of people have gathered in front of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry in Kiev, demanding resignation of President Petro Poroshenko and the defense minister over the poor handling of the military operation in the southeast.

The demonstrators, many of whom were mothers and wives of the soldiers involved in the fighting in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions, have blocked traffic at one of the capital’s arterial roads, the Vozdukhoflotsky Boulevard.

They called on the army to urgently send reinforcements, including tanks and other heavy military vehicles, to the city of Ilovaysk in the Donetsk Region.

This strategic town was retaken by the self-defense forces after several days of fighting on Wednesday, which led to the encirclement of a large group of Kiev’s troops....

Ukraine president blames military failure on deserting commanders

...On Wednesday, all 400 soldiers from the Ukrainian“Prikarpatie” 5th Battalion laid down their arms and surrendered from the area of the so-called anti-terrorist operation in the country’s east, Ukraine’s TSN TV Channel reported...

Only Russian volunteers fighting with anti-Kiev forces - Donetsk Republic leader

...Zakharchenko said that Kiev authorities and Western countries are repeatedly talking about a Russian ‘military invasion’ to justify the mass defeats of the Ukrainian army in the country’s east...

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