Ukrainians will take the streets in September: "Where are our sons?"

Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Soldiers' mothers" an Ukrainian non-governmental organization began organizing nationwide protests to force the government to release the actual number of casualties of the civil war; the slogan of the protest is "Where are our loved ones?"

The organization believes that the government deliberately hiding the actual number of casualties of the civil war and publishing false data of the number of soldiers killed in the fighting, which are many times of what the government admits. The Kiev leadership's own admission, 3-5 soldiers die on a daily basis, but this figure is a lie say the organization.

The data that the government releases to the public not even covers military losses; because there are other losses as well; a huge number of civilians, police officers, border guards and foreign mercenaries are also died in the fighting.

The head of the "Soldiers' mothers" organization said thousands of families turning to them for help asking them to find their sons and husbands. The military only response to the inquiries is that "everything is fine," but families can't contact their loved ones. There are hundreds of families that haven't heard of their sons since June.

The general public has been learning from alternative media sources that just in Slavjansk hundreds of Ukrainian government troops were killed and most of them buried in mass graves by the people's militia. How many such mass graves exist in the eastern regions no one knows. Due to the heat and the fast decomposition of bodies many of the dead soldiers buried in a hurry in shallow unmarked graves.

"The military says in the worst days 10 soldiers die a day, but we know now that this number is close to 50-60" said Oskana Stechenko, the head of the organization. "At Kupiansk railway station people spotted a refrigerated wagon supposedly full of unearthed corpses; six such wagons have already left the station. Where did they go? No one knows, we were not allowed to open them," said Stechenko.

Mothers and families who are looking for their children will take the streets in September across the country. Then, the entire world will know how many soldiers have actually been killed or missing, and how many people are looking for their loved ones.

According to press reports, retreating Ukrainian soldiers leave their killed comrades behind leaving the grizzly task of burying them to the people's militia. The army troops only take their mobile phones to prevent families from contacting them; then, using these phones the army sends reassuring text messages to families, long after the individual soldier died and buried in mass graves.

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Kosovo and Ukraine US NATO Operations, Compare and Contrast

There have been at least two countries in Europe in recent history that undertook ‘anti-terrorist’ military operations against ‘separatists’, but got two very different reactions from the Western elite...The government of European country A...
In case you haven’t guessed it yet – country A is Yugoslavia, country B is Ukraine.
...In 1998/9 Yugoslavian authorities were faced with a campaign of violence against Yugoslav state officials by the pro-separatist and Western-backed Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA). The Yugoslav government responded by trying to defeat the KLA militarily, but their claims to be fighting against’terrorism’ were haughtily dismissed by Western leaders.
...There is, it seems, no “responsibility to protect” civilians being killed by government forces in the east of Ukraine, as there was in Kosovo, even though the situation in Ukraine, from a humanitarian angle, is worse than that in Kosovo in March 1999.
...In fact, neocons and faux-left Zionists who have defended and supported Israel’s “anti-terrorist”Operation Protective Edge, and Operation Cast Lead before it, were among the most enthusiastic supporters of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Israel it seems is allowed to kill large numbers of people, including women and children, in its “anti-terrorist” campaigns, but Yugoslavia had no such“right” to fight an “anti-terrorist” campaign on its own soil.
...The very different approaches from the Western elite to ‘anti-terrorist’ operations in Kosovo and Ukraine (and indeed elsewhere) shows us that what matters most is not the numbers killed, or the amount of human suffering involved, but whether or not the government in question helps or hinders Western economic and military hegemonic aspirations.
In the eyes of the rapacious Western elites, the great ‘crime’ of the Yugoslav government in 1999 was that it was still operating, ten years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, an unreconstructed socialist economy, with very high levels of social ownership – as I highlighted here.
Yugoslavia under Milosevic was a country which maintained its financial and military independence. It had no wishes to join the EU or NATO, or surrender its sovereignty to anyone. For that refusal to play by the rules of the globalists and to show deference to the powerful Western financial elites, the country (and its leader) had to be destroyed. In the words of George Kenney, former Yugoslavia desk officer at the US State Department: “In post-cold war Europe no place remained for a large, independent-minded socialist state that resisted globalization.”
By contrast, the government of Ukraine, has been put in power by the West precisely in order to further its economic and military hegemonic aspirations. Poroshenko, unlike the much- demonized Milosevic, is an oligarch acting in the interests of Wall Street, the big banks and the Western military-industrial complex. He’s there to tie up Ukraine to IMF austerity programs, to hand over his country to Western capital and to lock Ukraine into ‘Euro-Atlantic’ structures- in other words to transform it into an EU/IMF/NATO colony- right on Russia’s doorstep.

First Frenchmen Join Eastern Ukraine Independence Forces

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Ukraine Adopts New Law to Commit Suicide

...The Verkhovna Rada (parliament) has recently adopted a legislation allowing 29 sanctions to be applied against Russia. The sanction options include blocking and freezing assets, a ban on business activity in Ukraine, barring participation in privatizations, halting the use of licenses and all transit through its territory.
...The amount of bilateral trade ($38, 2 billion as of 2013) is comparable with the bilateral trade between Russia and the European Union - $45, 6 billion. According to Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine is going to lose $7 billion as a result of curtailing the economic ties with Moscow. It’s a huge loss for Kiev. It’s important to look at the structure of Ukrainian export to Russia: it accounts for around 58% of all machine building exports ($2, 2 billion out of 3, 8 billion) while in case of Russia only 3, 8% of engineering imports falls on Ukraine. Ukraine used to export 70% of railway equipment to Russia ($1, 7 billion out of 2, 4 billion), in case of inorganic chemistry the figure is 53 percent ($0, 9 billion out of 1, 7 billion).
...The Ukrainian authorities like to mention the consequences of terminating the cooperation of Russia with the Motor-Sich factory in Zaporozhye - one of the largest engine manufacturers for airplanes and helicopters in the world (about 27 thousand people employed workers).
...Antonov State Company, formerly the Antonov Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex (Antonov ASTC), is a leading Ukrainian aircraft manufacturing and services company. Antonov's particular expertise is in the fields of very large aeroplanes and aeroplanes using unprepared runways...

Ukraine Forces Experience Significant Losses. Military Equipment Captured by Donbass Army

From the new documents, we are able to confirm that from 8 to 15th of August, the Army of the Southeast has captured:

tanks T-64 – 18 units;

infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 24 units;

armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 11 units;

combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) – 2 units; airborne combat vehicles (BMD) – 9 units;

multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 “Uragan” – 2 units;

self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 “Tyulpan” – 2 units; self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 “Nona” – 2 units;

self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 “Gvozdika” – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 6 units;

anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 3 units; wheeled vehicles – 44 units.

In total, from June 20 to August 15 during the punitive action, according to the reports of the Ukrainian military, the militia forces captured:

tanks T-64 – 65 units; infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) – 69 units;

armored personnel carriers (BTR) – 39 units;

combat reconnaissance patrol vehicles (BRDM) – 2 units;

airborne combat vehicles (BMD) – 9 units;

multiple artillery rocket systems (RSZO) BM27 Uragan – 2 units;

self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S4 “Tyulpan” – 2 units;

self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S9 “Nona” – 6 units;

self-propelled guns (SAU) 2S1 “Gvozdika” – 25 units;

howitzers D-30 – 10 units; 82 mm. caliber mortars – 32 units; anti-aircraft mounts ZU-23-2 – 18 units; wheeled vehicles – 124 units.

This “extravagance” of the Ukrainian armed forces is too costly for the country, which has imposed a war tax on its citizens.

Serbia ready to increase cheese exports to Russia in two weeks

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