Very few Hungarian citizens visiting the Sziget festival

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Most of the visitors attending the multicultural Sziget festival have arrived from the Netherlands said Tibor Tóth, the head of the Sziget Festival development project.

There are still free camping opportunities but the premium camps are full - over eight thousand guests are currently staying at these camps said Tóth. According to festival's press officer Victoria Vető, the campgrounds can accommodate 32-35 thousand guests during the Sziget festival.

Most of the campers come from the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany. has interviewed a young men working at the festival site and learned that very few Hungarian citizens visiting the Sziget festival. He hardly meets Hungarian speaking guests other than staff members and a few groups come to the event out of curiosity.

Police have arrested close to one hundred drug dealers so far.

Due to consumption of alcoholic beverages 10 to 15 people needed medical attention per day and 6 to 8 people per day had to be treated for drug use, most of them were hospitalized.

(Note: This event is like the Budapest gay parade where 90 percent of attendees are foreigners. Bad news for the cabbalists. The Sziget festival was conceived at the first place to dumb down Hungarian youth.)

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Anonymous said...

A record number of over 400,000 visitors attended this year's Sziget Festival. Over 80% of weekly passes for this year's festival were sold in Western Europe, while HUNGARIANS bought half of the daily tickets.

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