New military alliance on the horizon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It has become a necessity for Russia to create a new military alliance to respond relentless NATO threats; the new military alliance may include China, India and the BRICS countries said Igor Morozov a veteran intelligence officer, and a member of the Federal Commission responsible for Russian International Affairs.

Putin had already announced in July that the BRICS countries will cooperate closely in international politics, but the establishment of a new military alliance was not yet officially announced; it seems that the NATO's expansionist policy into Eastern-Europe accelerated the process.

Commenting on the plan to Ria Novoszty, Morozov announced on Tuesday that negotiations are already underway with China and India, but some of the Latin American countries will also join the negotiations. Cuba, Argentina and a number of other Latin American countries that feel threatened by the USA may also join the new alliance.

"Russia is the defender of the collective security of the post-Soviet space; but it became crystal clear that the United States and NATO threatens the region," said the former intelligence officer.

Russia's new military doctrine will be adjusted in accordance with NATO's activity and military infrastructure build up along the Russian border and Eastern-Europe. The new military doctrine anticipates NATO's global missile system, and will respond to that accordingly. Some of the South American countries can play a major role in developing global counter-measures against threats by NATO. The new military alliance might install missiles along the southern borders of the United States (as a counter-measure to the United States military build up along the Russian border and Eastern Europe).

The world has changed so much this year that Russia is forced to completely overhaul its military doctrine said Morozov. NATO has come a long way, and managed to provoke a new Russian military strategy resulting the possible installation of Russian missiles along the southern borders of the United States. American imperialism understands only force; the new global military alliance will not only offset the expansion of NATO, but it also aims to contain the military alliance's bullying and harassment policy in the global theater.

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carlos broch said...

Vladimir Putin - The Russian Neo-Con

"Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military effort to stop Hamas’ incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.
“I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.
The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.
“It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion."

Putin: "Ukrainian nationalists want to expel 'negroes, moscals and jews' from Ukraine"
In Russia-EU summit press conference Putin clarifies to the Western press who they are supporting. Interestingly enough this has not been translated or reported except in Russia's MSM:

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