A short film about the 2014 Kurultaj

Friday, September 5, 2014

Kurultaj organizer Zoltán Varga one of the founding members of the Hungarian Turan Foundation introducing the world's largest yurt called "Atilla's Tent."

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János Király said...

Turanism is a pseudo science, whic were promoted by unskilled self-appointed shaman-scolars for the less educated social groups (worker class people ) in Hungary. There are no real scholars on this planet (university professors academics linguists historians and geneticists) who support this weird idea.

János Király said...

Read about the dangers of tuan - tales here: (use google translator if necessary)

Ádám said...

Turan fantasy are 100% compatible with the little-entente countries anti-hungarian propaganda about the origin of Hungarians.

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