China will never support sanctions against Moscow

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Valentina Matviyenko, Speaker of the Federation Council, attending the Federation Council meeting. (RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov)

China will never support sanctions against Moscow and will never join to those that introduced them quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping by the leader of the upper house of Russian parliament Valentina Matviyenko who met the Chinese leader on Tuesday.

Russia and China believe that sanctions are illegal, ineffective and counterproductive. Sanctions are tools in the hands of those that try to exert pressure on sovereign states forcing them to alter their political course and at the same time weaken their economies," said the Russian politician.

At the meeting Matviyenko thanked the Chinese president for his public support for Moscow in the face of Western sanctions, which were introduced by the west under the pretext of Russia's direct involvement in the Ukrainian civil war. Furthermore, the Russian politician stressed that sanctions should not affect long-term Russian-Chinese strategic partnership, which reflects the interests of both peoples.

Cooperation between Russia and China is an important factor in international politics, Matviyenko said, adding that there are no open questions between the two countries. Their position on most issues are close or identical. The two countries have similar viewpoints on solving international or regional conflicts or dealing with new threats and challenges.

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Anonymous said...

Of course they won't.
The Chinese KNOW, they are NEXT; even though Russia is the current target. (Ukraine is a necessary stepping stone for access)

Empires in their last days attack upcoming countries threatening their economic hegemony. The Russian-Chinese team does.

The British did the SAME thing with Germany in 1914. The record is there that Balfour six years earlier (1908) proposed WAR (instead of competition) to stop German economic advancement of that time, already overtaking Britain.

In 1914 they, of course got what they wanted. Gravilo Proncip - the Sarajevo assassin WAS a British agent.

On the same day, another assassination was made on the duke's life with a bomb; most people are unaware of it. So a concerted effort was made that with the killing to provoke war. If that wouldn't have worked, there were probably other plans waiting.

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