Former Brussels correspondent of "Magyar Nemzet" István Lovas has been banned from the European Parliament

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Former Brussels correspondent of "Magyar Nemzet" István Lovas (the jounalist wrote an open letter to Russian president Vladimi Putin a few days ago lobbying for Russia Today Hungarian news service) promised a bucketful of liquid stuff - symbolizing the blood of Palestinean children - to Sophie in ’t Veld, an expert of Hunarian affairs in the European Parliament.

Sophie in ’t Veld was among high ranking EU officials that remained silent during the bloody war on Palestinians by Israel writes the journalist.

The deputy-secretary general of the European Parliament liberal fraction in response banned Lovas from entering the European Parliement until March 15, 2015. Lovas wants to appeal the decision because he believes that considering the nature of the crime he deserves a ban for a whole lifetime.

To demonstrate the double-standards policy by EU officials the journalist mentioned an incident took place in the Hungarian Parliament a few months ago. The speaker of the parliament fined several liberal MPs for rowdyism as the parliamentarians shouted anti-government slogans and displayed banners during a regular session of the parliament seriously disrupting the work of the House. An unanimous decision by the Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights ruled that the Liberal MPs rights to freedom of expression have been grossly violated by the decision of the speaker blaming him for hitting the unruly MPs with fines.

In comparison, I was banned from the European Parliament just for promising a gift to the Vice-President of the liberal faction of the European Parliament, Sophie in 't Veld writes journalist István Lovas.

Read more about this story on Lovas' facebook page (in Hungarian)



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