Globalist controlled NGOs demonstrate in Budapest against the alleged harassment of their donors by the government

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Close to a thousand members of various globalist controlled NGOs attended a rally in Budapest to express their outrage over the alleged harassment of their Norwegian donor by the government.

Apparently, the National Bureau of Investigation and police raided the offices of the Norwegian Partnership Support Fund Monday morning seizing web servers and took away the head of the foundation Veronica Mora for questioning.

Demonstrators called on the government to stop harassing their donors and before take any action against these agencies consult the clients.

Most globalist parties supported the demonstration but only Gergely Karacsony a member of Együtt-PM – a liberal fringe party – attended the rally.

Organizers also wanted to hold a picnic after the rally, but the plan was canceled due to the rainy weather.

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