Heritage of Scribes updated

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New version of the Heritage of Scribes - the first ever English book about the Rovas script family - has been uploaded for free.

Heritage of Scribes

The reviewed version of the book "Heritage of Scribes" deals with the latest results of the improved computational paleography in the reconstructing of grapheme evolution.

The book introduces the history and development of five members of the Rovash (pronounced “rove-ash”, other spelling: Rovas) script-family: the Proto-Rovash, the Early Steppean Rovash, the Carpathian Basin Rovash, the Steppean Rovash, and the Szekely-Hungarian Rovash. The revised version of the book took into account several results of the computational paleography, including the accurate mathematical modelling of the grapheme evolution.

The historical and linguistic statements in the book are based on the published theories and statements of acknowledged scholars, historians, archaeologists, and linguists. The author provides detailed descriptions of the five Rovash scripts, presents their relationships, connections to other scripts, and explains the most significant rovash relics. Based on the discovered relations, the author introduces the systematic description of the rovash glyphs in the Rovash Atlas together with a comprehensive genealogy of each grapheme as well.

The whole book is available through the Internet from here with free access.

(Rovas Info)


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