Hungarian designed Palace of Culture complex in Shenzhen, China opens to the public tomorrow

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shenzhen city Culture, Sports and Arts Centre complex, which has been designed by Ybl prize winning architect Gábor Zoboki and his associates will open to the public in Shenzhen city, China tomorrow.

Following the footsteps of Architect László Hudec, there is a good chance that the Hungarian cultural diplomacy can build a permanent foothold in the Far East country.

Since the work of László Hudec in Shanghai, this is the first built structure in Asia that has been designed by a Hungarian team led by architects Gábor Zoboki and Nóra Demeter.

One of China's largest new cultural facilities is located around the main square of Shenzhen city's Nansen district with the population of 16 million. The new Palace of Culture incorporates a contemporary art museum, an outdoor theater, a large sports complex and two theater halls.

Shenzhen is Budapest's twin city and during its European tour a city delegation visited Budapest as well. After visiting Budapest Palace of Arts the Chinese delegation liked the concept so much that they decided to get Hungarian architects involved in the designing of the Shenzhen Culture, Sports and Arts Centre - the architectural firm of Gábor Zoboki and Nóra Demeter designed the Budapest Palace of Arts Center as well.

The new Shenzhen Cultural Center's large multi-functional facilities are suitable for dramatic productions, musical performances and concerts. The smaller and also multi-functional theatrical hall can accommodate children performances and has been built in the style of a traditional contemporary Baroque theatre.

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