In the shadow of sanctions: Japan was forced to introduced economic sanctions against Russia

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tokyo Mayor Yoichi Masuzoe explained to his Russian hosts in the Siberian city of Tomsk that Japan is perfectly dependent on the USA military and because of that it was forced to introduce sanctions against Russia.

Japan's national security is greatly dependent on the American defense industry and as a result, there was no other way but to adopt the American sanctions against Russia.

The Russian people should know that we were forced to introduce these measures. I believe that the Japanese punitive steps are not as serious as what other countries introduced against Russia said the Japanese mayor.

Regarding the Crimean issue, the Japanese mayor remarked that the Japanese people are unfamiliar with the history of the peninsula and why Russia has a special interest in that piece of land.

Mayor Yoichi Masuzoe at least openly admitted what other western puppet politicians dare to admit only privately that they are pawns in the hands of those faceless forces that are hiding in the shadow zones.



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