Jobbik President Gábor Vona visited Kazakhstan

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona attended an international conference in the Kazakh capital, Astana last week. The Jobbik chairman believes that Kazakhstan could be a strong ally of a Jobbik government.

- You visited Kazakhstan last week. For what purpose and who invited you?

- Indeed, I flew to Astana, Kazakhstan's ultramodern capital last Wednesday to attend an international conference organized by the Kazakh Constitutional Council as part of this year's constitution celebrations. I was invited by the Chairman of the Constitutional Council Igor Rogov.

- Who else attended the conference?

- The cream of the Kazakh political establishment was there. Heads of the Office of the President, two deputy prime ministers, all members of the Constitutional Council, the leadership of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, leaders of the Kazakh National Security Agency, fifteen members of the Kazakh Senate, fifteen members of the Kazakh Lower House, the Mayor of Astana, and lots of university rectors and professor, everyone who counts in the Kazakh political life, except President Nazarbayev who was in Minsk during the conference to attend the Eurasian Union summit. In addition, of course, several senior officials of the Eurasian Union and foreign guests including Russian, German, Slovenian, Polish, and Bulgarian politicians and professors.

- Did you have a chance to speak at the conference?

- I had the honor to address at the conference as the second foreign speaker. I also had a meeting with a parliamentary delegation led by the Chairman of the Kazakh Parliament Legal and Judicial Committee.

- What was the topic of the discussions?

- We discussed Kazakh-Hungarian relations including mutual economic cooperation as well as cultural and political issues, which I think are still untapped areas but carry great potential benefits. We discussed the Hungarian government's eastern partnership policy that Jobbik has been advocating since its inception for about for ten years. In that respect the current situation is better than it was under the previous government, but I think the current Hungarian government's eastern partnership policy hardly more than a PR campaign. Yet, the door is open. I fear that only a narrow clique makes money out of the government's Eastern Partnership policy; the initiative is still not part of the Hungarian government's strategic national re-construction project. The Kazakhs are our relatives; there are countless similarities between the political situation of the two nations. We can learn a lot from each other, and we can offer a lot to each other.

- What do you consider the most important outcome of your Kazakh trip?

- It has become crystal clear, especially from informal conversations that most of the international political establishment can distinguish between media lies and reality and can manage this situation very well. I've also received lots of positive feedback; a Jobbik led government could find friendly and supportive allies among the eastern countries in the effort to make our country prosperous again.

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Ádám said...

Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but all Northern Germanic nations (incl. Northern Germany too) have higher ratio of Mongolid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the genetic CHART of European nations:

And see the high ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J” and african E1b1) in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) so-called „WOG” people. Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

Skin tone map:

Hair color map

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Ádám said...

There aren't scholars who support (academics, university professor linguists or historians) Turanism on this planet, who believe in the ethnic or linguistic relations/connections of Hungarian people and Turkic people.
Hungarian people and language are not related with turkic people and language:

So it is a pseudo science for less educated worker class children, who learned at vocational school and believes in fantasies..

Ádám said...

Turanism has support only in the turkic cuman minority region ( In Hungarian Kunság), However real Cumans were exterminated during the Ottoman wars, modern cumans are descendants of Wallachian (romanian) and Serbian immigrants who mixed with local survivors.

You can read about their serbian and romanian ancestors here:

Moreover, Cumans wanted to estabilish their own separate cuman republic in 1918, they tried to arm themselves to fight against Hungarians, however their armament was unsuccessful. You can read about their anti-Hungarian deed here:

Géza said...

interesting Ádám. I am also fed up with those turanian fairytales. It just harms the Hungarian cause and makes a joke of the Hungarian nationalistic movement. Besides that Hungary doesn't need that kind of allies... it will harm us like the Western ones.

HungarianAmbiance said...

The Hun empire that ancient Hungarians were part of, wasn't homogeneous racially but it made up by a diverse population that intermarried with one another. The most important determining factor in the history of a nation is its cultural identity. Ancient records from the conquest period and earlier confirm that Hungarians are of eastern origin; the eastern identity of the nation has been preserved in the common unconscious of the population manifested itself in folk arts - music, dance, legends and so on. The Hungarian national identity has been under attack right from the conquest period started with the adoption of Christianity. What junk scientists and the so called experts are saying about Hungarian identity is largely irrelevant as most of those “experts” are on the payroll of those always worked against Hungarian national interests throughout the centuries.

There are credible sources though that I recommend to everyone interested in the unbiased history of the our nation based on cultural and archaeological evidence.

Ádám said...

All European nations came from Asia, and most of them came from the further east than Hungarians. Therefore coming from asia do not mean that they related to semi-mongoloid people like the turkic speaking people. Look the DNA researches (Y DNA mt.DNA and autosomal DNA) Even slavic and northern germanic people have higher ratio of eastern (mongoloid) markers. Hungarians have only 0.5 % mongoloid markers like aboriginal French and British populations. Our language is finno-ugric according to all Hungarian and foreign linguist scholars (university techers and academics). All historians and linguists deny the existence of turanian people. Finno-ugric languages are not related to altaic languages. There are no modern linguist who supports the ural-altaic tales since the 1960s. 90% of the supporters of turanian tales are the less educated people of the society (proletarians: who learned in vocational schhols, thus they did not learn serious history or grammar in secondary school). They read the esoteric fantasy books of modern amateur self-appointed shaman-scholars, and they believe in everything if it sound enough fantastic.

You can't suggest any serious books from serious authors (Hungarian or foreign university professors academics), therefore you inserted a youtube link, which contains videos of teenager childrens , who read the esoteric fantasy books of shaman-scholars.

Of course, according to you , all real scholars, university professor linguists and historians conspirated against the Hungarians in global scale. it is very "beliveable".

Do not forget, that the tales of turanism about Hungarian origin is 100% identical with the discrediting propaganda of anti-Hungarian romanian slovak serbian radicals. These less educated naive turanist are the assistants (useful idiots) of these anti-hungarian little-Entente propaganda.

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