Jobbik proposes the creation of an all Hungarian roundtable to discuss the situation of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jobbik proposes the creation of an all Hungarian roundtable to discuss the Ukrainian crisis and its effects on Transcarpathian Hungarians' lives said Jobbik President Gábor Vona at a press-conference on Tuesday.

Transcarpathian political organizations, local representatives of the Transcarpathian Hungarian churches, the ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian parliament, the Hungarian government and the Hungarian parliamentary parties should form a panel to discuss quick responses to issues affecting ethnic Hungarians that caught up in the Ukrainian civil war said Vona.

The party chairman said it was important that the discussion group meet regularly - every two weeks – to be able to take decisions by consensus on matters affecting the security of the Hungarian community in Ukraine.

All indications point to the fact that the Ukrainian crisis won't end anytime soon and the Ukrainian leadership does not respect the rights of ethnic minorities. The "specter of conscription" hanging over the head of the Hungarian community as a sword of Damocles while they have nothing to do with the war said Gábor Vona. It can't be ruled out that anti-Hungarian sentiments flare up in the region, which must be prevented to happen.

Rational arguments don't seem to affect the Ukrainian leadership whose reactions to ethnic issues are always hysterical said the president of Jobbik.

Jobbik will write a letter to those who might take part in the panel discussions - Jobbik is open to additional proposals regarding the work of the discussion group.

Gábor Vona added that the long-term objective remains the same - the creation of a Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy in Transcarpathia.

Jobbik vice-President István Szavay remarked that although the President of Ukraine, Petro Porosenko promised to guarantee Hungarian minority rights, the boundaries of the Ukrainian electoral districts were drawn intentionally such a way that guarantee that no Hungarian representative will ever be elected in the Ukrainian parliament.

Szávay criticized the Hungarian government for not giving priority in its foreign policy to the dire situation of Transcarpathian Hungarian community that can't count on the support of the European Union either.

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