Jobbik would impose double penalty on corrupt politicians

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jobbik Budapest mayoral candidate Gábor Staudt announced at a press-conference in Budapest today that as soon as the Jobbik party gets a chance it amends the Criminal Code and introduces double penalty on politicians that abuse public office and steal public money.

The national party representative stressed that in the case of corrupt politicians the problem is not only the amount of money they steal, but also the serious breach of public trust that should be reflected in the penalties.

In addition to the double penalty proposition, the Jobbik party would recommend the seizure of assets if a public figure can't prove that he has obtained his property legally; the law should be applied immediately after it turned out that the politician hasn't produced the required legal evidence.

Staudt also suggested the mandatory wealth screening of all representatives of public officials at the end of their terms in office; this would affect every public person in municipalities with a population over five thousand.

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good plan!

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