National Policy Institute Budapest conference may be banned

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán instructed Interior Minister Sándor Pintér on Sunday to use all legal means at his disposal and prevent the US-based National Policy Institute Budapest conference from taking place; the conference is scheduled between October 3 and 5.

As part of the measures has been taken against the planned conference by various players, the director of Larus congress center pulled out of the contract arguing that the operator of the facility wasn't aware of the nature of conference when the contract was signed.

(Notes: It is not that hard to figure out what the phrase "by using all legal means" mean. Most probably the Hungarian government won't allow invited guest speakers to enter the country. Most likely Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Alexander Dugin won't get Hungarian visa and USA and other invited speakers that don't need visa to enter the country will be detained on bogus charges and won't be allowed to leave the airport. This is a commonly used procedure by governments to keep unwanted assets out of the country in the meantime, maintain the appearance of legality.

The Orbán government is under constant attack by various globalist power centers. Most recently, Obama accused the Hungarian government of harassing NGOs. Being under relentless attacks by the globalists, the government understandably doesn't want to open yet another front in the war on the nation by the atlanticists offering them an easy target that they can use as a pretext to continue or even intensify the attacks on the country.)

September 29, 2014

The interior minister called on organizers of the conference to give up on the plan to hold a conference in Budapest. Interior Minister Sándor Pintér instructed the national police chief to use all legal means at his disposal to prevent the conference from taking place because it violates Hungarian law. In addition, the minister ordered the police chief to impose travelling restrictions on the openly racist guest speakers of the conference.



Ádám said...
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Ádám said...

Sorry, but It is not logical. Why was organized that conference in a country, where the leading nationalist radical party is anti-white Turanist. Jobbik consider Hungarians as turkic people (mongoloid-white people's mix) However the genetic and linguistic reality is far from that.

There aren't scholars who support (academics, university professor linguists or historians) it on this planet, who believe in the ethnic or linguistic relations/connections of Hungarian people and Turkic people.
Hungarian people and language are not related with turkic people and language:

Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but all Northern Germanic nations (incl. Northern Germany too) have higher ratio of Mongolid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the largest genetic database CHART of European nations:

And see the ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J”) and african „E1B1” markers in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) people. Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

Skin tone map:

Hair color map

Eye color map:

Dykeward said...

A conference is not opening "another front" this really is just the actions of a country that has not travelled very far from post-Communism. Most of its functionaries will hail from that era and its instincts are to ban through extra-legal means what unsettles it. Orban is not a Conservative but a right-wing socialist.

Anonymous said...

Whatever he is hes a cunt if he bans this conference.

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