Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrates once again that he sticks out from the hysterical crowd

Monday, September 15, 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin said the other day that Russia will not immediately respond to Western sanctions; our counter-measures should be analyzed first by experts and only if the measures serve the interest of the Russian economy should be implemented. Currently, the government is assessing the situation and weighing how to respond - he added.

If the government comes to the conclusion that certain counter-measures help the economy, we act. What we won't do is snarl and damage our economy; we won't let ourselves to be dragged into an economic centrifuge said Putin.

Our responses to western-sanctions are not yet fully worked out in every detail – we still look at things like how the people can benefit from them, and whether their implementation is possible at all. That is the job of the government to figure out and make recommendations said the president.

Sanctions always hurt those that use them as a tool. The anti-Russian sanctions are no exception either. We know the figures, the losses that the European Union and the USA companies are forced to endure as a result of sanctions - but as we have said earlier: this was not our choice said the Russian president.

Commenting on the new wave of punitive measures against Russia introduced on September 12 by the EU, Putin said only this, "they look strange". The west introduced fresh sanctions at a time when the peace process in Ukraine was kicked off. Perhaps, there are people who are not overly enthusiastic about the peace talks.

I do not even understand, what these sanctions are all about said the president. Putin found strange that the self-proclaimed Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk has been blacklisted – this sorts of thinking lacks any logic; on the one hand, Alexander Zakharchenko has no intention to travel to the EU anytime soon and on the other, he is an active participant of the peace process. He attended the Minsk summit and negotiated a ceasefire with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Our Western and Ukrainian partners insisted that the leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk republics should be involved in the peace process. They asked us to arrange a meeting between the two sides. When we succeeded bringing the two sides to the table they blacklisted Alexander Zakharchenko. Isn't it an other attempt to derail the peace process? There is no logic in these developments" said Putin.

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