Szilvia Lubics wins 2014 Spartan ultra marathon the third time

Sunday, September 28, 2014

After 2011 and 2013, Hungarian athlete Szilvia Lubics became the winner of 2014 women Spartathlon.

This year, Lubics set a new record of 26 hour 53 minute and 40 second improving the previous record by eight and a half minutes set British athlete Elizabeth Hawker in 2012.

After the race Szilvia wrote on Facebook:

"I had a dream ... a big one. I was not sure I will be able to do it, but I wanted it badly. I had the plan, worked out in every detail. All went well up to the first 124 km; but the next 3 hours was hellish, nothing remained in my stomach, not even water. I was weak, I felt I could not run up the hill, but I have stood up many times in similar situations before! Oliver and Gyuri encouraged me. I've had no time plan anymore, just to catch up (and finish preferably in the first place). Until the end of the competition I threw up constantly, in the last two hours my stomack was empty, not even water left in it. But the dream persisted. In the last 10 kilometers I was dizzy and weak, I looked at my watch... goodness! I may succeed! Yes, I'll make it even if it kills me, even if I'm completely empty and every part of my body is hurting... It's now or never! How many people will be happy at home, if I do it! I want everyone to experience what I felt at the finish line. I did it in 26 hours and 53 minutes!

I thank you everyone for the support and the lots of SMS messages. I dedicate this victory to my former teacher who told me 23 years ago: this girl has so much willpower that she can move mountains. My dear teacher! Get better and recover from your illness as soon as possible so that you can continue giving encouragement and faith to people you've given to me!"

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