The American fleet is no longer sufficient to maintain a unipolar world

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The United States Navy Submarine Forces Atlantic Commander, Admiral Michael Connor issued a warning, the Chinese and Russian navy built up capabilities allowing them to strike the United States.

The admiral also warned that the world is becoming increasingly multipolar, and Moscow's global influence and emerging China pose a serious challenge to the United States.

The Chinese navy has already deployed a large number of submarines that are capable of carrying ballistic missiles produced domestically. According to intelligence sources, the Chinese navy is capable of hitting targets with nuclear missiles hundreds of miles from the mainland. Although, according to official figures, China "only" has 250 nuclear warheads they are able to strike the western parts of the United States.

The admiral urged the American government to seek to resolve the smaller, regional conflicts before they become widespread wars. American military experts increasingly referring to Obama's foreign policy in the Pacific region, which could lead to a direct confrontation between China and the United States that the American navy won't be able to handle.

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Anonymous said...

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union , the US has turned into a rogue Empire, attacking everyone not to its liking. A unipolar World has not created stability, but instability. It turned working and stable dictatorships into wrecked places of rubble, wrecked commerce, endless death and bloodbath, where the hapless inhabitants say, without fail, that the dictatorship was a thousand times better.

The US of course - in infinite self-serving conceit - says it brought "democracy" to them. They did NOT WANT (and do not want) "democracy" (a theoretical mind-construct without any tangible material aspects), but existential security(!) knowing, that short of an illness, accident or doing something stupid against the authorities, their lives and the lives of their loved ones are safe, and can peacefully engage (once again) in reconstruction, production and commerce.

When the British Empire was running rogue, it created two world wars (YES, if you really KNOW history in fine detail then you know its true: 1908(!), Balfour's discussion with the American ambassador to GB, about starting a war against Germany is on record. - WWI). Their endless list of smaller wars pre- and post WWI up and including WWII, is plenty proof. GB's position was also a situation of a unipolar power running amuck, imbued with it's own delusional "greatness", creating death and misery around the world on a continuous basis - for centuries.

It is high time that this out-of control US Empire be checked, and somehow return to a safer, more stable world - like it was under the bi-polar set-up.

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