The status of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will change radically in world politics

Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Several new members will join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization at the September 11 summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan -- participants also implement wide-ranging changes in the constitution of the organization.

The leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will pay particular attention to enhancing military cooperation among member states. According to experts, the up until now regional international body will become a real counterweight to NATO in the coming years.

The Dushanbe summit will adopt decisions to expand the organization and admit India and Pakistan as regular members of the club effective the next year; however, the case of Iran is a bit more complicated because the country is still under UN sanctions.

At the Dushanbe summit, Russia will take over the presidency of the organization, and Vladimir Putin's message will be broadcasted to the world, which includes the priorities of the Russian presidency for the next year.

It is not a secret that among the primary tasks of the Russian presidency will be the adoption of organization-wide development strategy until 2025, and the establishment of a center, which deals with security issues. In recent years, unfortunately, more and more security risks occurring in the world and Russia can't ignore these developments - Vladimir Putin said recently.

As you know a decision was made lately on enhancing NATO forces in Eastern Europe. The crisis in Ukraine, which was actually provoked by some of our Western partners, is used to reinvigorate the NATO military alliance. Of course, we will take into account these developments when taking decisions in order to ensure the security of our country said Putin.

The upcoming changes certainly affect the status of the organization, after all, thanks to the expansion of the Shanghai club the position and the influence of the organization will significantly increase in the world, said researcher Alexander Lukin.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will change radically. So far there are only two large countries - Russia and China that made up the organization. With the addition of India and Pakistan the Shanghai club will be one of the world's largest alliances. Of course, as a result, its decisions and influence in world politics will be equal to that of the western world said Lukin.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's article published on the eve of the summit, remarks that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization chaired by Russia will tackle economic, financial, energy and food security related issues, which include the expansion of trading among member states in national currencies. The alliance will also develop multiple projects in the field of transport, energy, agriculture and space research write Lavrov.

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