You wouldn't believe it – antisemitism in Hungary increased again

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hard to believe nonetheless, it is true, antisemitism in Hungary increased again.

Conductor Adam Fischer announced the news at the Jewish Summer Festival opening ceremony in Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest Sunday night.

Clever and conspiring antisemites use coded language and metaphors to express their antisemitic views, which of course can't be left unanswered; therefore, every decent man and all Jewish organization must take notice and "take up the glove" and fight against this phenomenon because it is poisoning social life said the conductor.

According to Fischer, antisemitism in Hungary can be linked to the country's economic woes. Fischer predicted that antisemitism in Hungary will increase in the future as economic conditions deteriorate.

As a person who lives abroad, he noticed that Hungary is becoming increasingly isolated in Europe.

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Anonymous said...

Antisemitism in not linked to the country's woes. It is related to THOSE, who CAUSED the country's woes.
By other words, antisemitism is not stemming from the effect. It is stemming from the cause, and the populace correctly identifies it.

The expelling of Jews in Europe 109 times since year 250, is plenty illustrative, that the problem is old, ongoing and endemic, and will not be solved by any other, than the Jews themselves.

De Gaulle coined it succinctly: "They are a foreign body in a body ("organism"). Sooner or later, they will be rejected by that body."

Anonymous said...

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