2014 Kurultaj was the largest in the history of the event

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The 2014 Hungarian Kurultaj was the largest in the history of the event. More than 200 thousand people visited the cultural and other programs, which included equestrian and musical performances as well.

This year's Kurultaj most highly acclaimed event was the featuring of 17 amazing "Akhal-teke" "Turanian Horse". Our ancestors used these golden-haired horses when came into the Carpathian basin. The world's largest yurt called "Atilla Yurt" was set up and guarded by 10 warriors wearing Hun armor.

The anthropological and archaeological exhibition was implemented by four museums. The exhibitions visited by more than 20 thousand people over a period of two days. Kurultaj nomadic camp, the yurt village included 142 yurts.

Concerts were performed on two stages. The most popular performers of the three-days event were the Turan band of Kazakhstan, Midigma of Buryatia and Yulianna from Yukat region as well as an Uzbek folk dance troupe. Hungarian performers included the Cirkalom Ensemble, and the Rejtező Orchestra.

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Ádám said...

There are no genetic or linguistic proof for the relation between turkic people and Hungarian population and language. Even slavic people and Northern Germanic speaking populations (including Northern Germans) have higher ratio of Mongoloid Haplogroup markers. (Q and N1C1 markers) Deal with it!

Unknown said...

Well, there are no genetic homogeneity within Hungarian or other Turan countries population either. It is simply because these nations governed largest empires in the world, migrated form one continent to other, usually lived as nomadic as a result mixed with different ethnic groups.

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