According to reports, police broke up the National Policy Institute organized private gathering in a Budapest bar

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Apparently, police have taken away the President of the organization Richard Spencer, but at this point in time, there is no news of his whereabouts.

The private gathering took place in a bar and it seems that police raided the commercial outlet and took away the head of the organization, but the news still hasn't been confirmed by Hungarian officials.

Immigration and Nationalization Office said to Hungarian News Agency MTI on Saturday that Richard Bertrand Spencer couldn't produce documents to police proving he had valid official permit to stay in Hungary; as a result, police have taken Spencer into custody. Currently, the president of the organization has been kept at the Immigration and Naturalization Headquarters.

In addition, the Immigration and Nationalization Office laid charges against him. The nature of the charges hasn't been specified. - MTI

The Immigration and Naturalization Office has issued a statement stressing that the "traditionalist, nationalist and racist" leader of the National Policy Institute Richard Bertrand Spencer, an American citizen despite the fact that he knew that travel restrictions might be imposed on him due to his role in organizing "a racist conference" in Budapest traveled to Hungary.

While in custody, the Immigration and Nationalization Office commenced proceeding against Richard Bertrand Spencer (most likely, he will be expelled from the country; the government doesn't want to make a big fuss about this case, and want to close it as quickly as possible ed.).

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán ordered the interior minister on Monday to ban the National Policy Institute organized conference scheduled between October 3 and 5 in Budapest.

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér banned the conference on Monday and called on organizers to cancel the event. The interior minister also ordered national police chief Károly Papp to prevent the event from taking place by using all legal means at his disposal in the meantime, impose travel restrictions "on the notoriously racist speakers of the conference." - MTI



Angela Bogaczy said...

Sure, sure: MAZSIHISZ and pals do not like Richard Spencer, so the pintérség swoops on him. Does the PM have to be so zealous about pleasing this sinister little minority? The only way I can defend Orban's action is this: He does not want foreigner performances in Hungary that would lend grist to the mill of the Victoria Nulands (etc.) of this world. But even so: Richard Spencer is a decent man, and one of the few who is game enough to insist that we, and not only minorities and deviants, have rights.

Ádám said...

After the Hungarian supporters canceled the event, for example Gyöngyösi Márton JOBBIK representative. He says: "I cannot favour the American participants' racism, after I got informed about the organizer's real background. Because absurd that they advertise superiority after the extermination of the Indians and I and my party supports the eastern contacts*. So we favour Dugin [because of his eurasianism], but not the American white nationalists"

*For example the JOBBIK is the great supporters of the Hungarian preservationist movement, the Kurultáj. This event advertises the Turanian brotherhood and this is the largest traditionalist event in the world in other hand. And of course definitely not compatible with the white or whatever racist nationalism.

Ádám said...

According to idiot Turnanist tales (which was refuted by population geneticists and linguist scholars) Hungarians are turkic semi-mongoloid semi-caucasian mongrel nation.

Jobbik is supporter of Turanist fantasy (see Kurultaj events), therefore it is against the White preservationist movements.

Interestingly the Turanist tales are 100% compatible with romanian serbian slovakian anti-Hungarian discrediting propaganda. (both three nations are genetically less european than Hungarian population)

Ádám said...


" I knew that Jobbik representative Marton Gyongyosi, who had been scheduled to speak, had withdrawn, accusing the organizers of “racism,” but I assumed we still had some local Hungarian support. I was wrong. We had no one. "

Ádám said...

"Mr. Deanna skillfully shuttled groups of people to the restaurant. Before long, we had 76 people at the restaurant—more than half the original number of registrants—including guests from Sweden, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Slovakia, Britain, Ireland, Croatia, the United States, Spain, Russia, and even Mexico and Japan. To my disappointment there was only one Hungarian."

Angela Bogaczy said...

Ádám, I find it strange that you can our Turanic thesis. There is a body of pretty persuasive scholarship in support of it. And 'anti-Hungarian discrediting propaganda'? Hardly. There is no scope there for discreditation, given the glorious history of the Turkic people. The Vlachs -- forget the exogenous 'Romanians' -- Serbs and Slovaks were/are the no-account rabble of history. They are incapable of discrediting anyone.

Ádám said...

Sorry but there is no linguistic of genetic proof about relations with turkic people. Turks are mongrel people, they are dwarf swarthy people, half mongoloid and half white. Their contribution in science and technology is close to 0. Interstingly: czecho-slovakian Romanian Serbian anti-hungarian degrading propaganda spreaded similar stupidities about the origin of Hungarians. The anti-hungarian propaganda of little Entente is 100% compatible with the pseudo scientific turanism.

Ádám said...

Angela Bogaczy, there are no real academic scholars (Hungarian or foreign) geneticists linguists historians, who supported the Turanian tales. You speak about self-appointed amateur shaman-scholars, who spread their pseudo-scientific fantasies for the credulous uneducated proletarian low class youth. They believe everything if it is enough fantastic for them.

Ádám said...

Angela read about Pseudo linguistics here in Hungarian:

English version:

Ádám said...

Turanism is a well known anti-white movement.

Angela Bogaczy said...

Ádám, I'm sorry, but I think you are fulminating rather excessively. There is nothing 'psuedo-scientific' in approaches to language analysis undertaken to identify linguistic families. Indeed, linguistics is not a scientific discipline; it is a discursive-analytical one. Very broad agreement exists, for instance, among linguists to the effect that Hungarian is not an Indo--European language. We necessarily look eastward and southeastward, therefore. (The same is the case with Finnish.) In any case, language-family identification does not seek also determine racial grouping, A blatant example of this is Bulgarian. This is a Slavic language spoken by a Turkic people. I cannot respect any approach to language analysis that rests on premises that push a race preference. (Incidentally, I doubt that you have any understanding of linguistics. Yours is an argument that suffers badly from ignoratio elenchi.)

HungarianAmbiance said...

Angela! You are right on.

Linguistics can never uncover the true history of a nation. The origin of a nation or in fact, the entire human race is inscribed in mythology and the archaeological finds, as well as folk art, music and so on.

The falsifiers of history become hysterical when you bring up the subject of mythology or (hidden)archeology in conversations. They immediately start screaming, fantasy, fantasy.

If they could they even cover the pyramids with giant plastic sheets, because these structures give them so much trouble fitting them in the falsified history they invented. They promote linguistics as the only valid argument in order to cover up other more reliable evidences that are more fitting to uncover the origin of a nation.

Ádám said...

Linguistics based on similar strong logic as the mathematics. Nobody stated that Hungarian is an IE language. Sorry but Bulgarians got their name from a conqueror minority, but they are genetically balkanian people like serbians romanians and albanians.

You support pseudo science, because there are no academic scholar in Hungary and abroad who classify Hungarians linguistically of genetically as a semi-mongoloid midget swarthy turkic people. Do you read the books of uneducatedself-appointed amateur shaman-scholars?

Tuanism is 100% similar to the anti-hungarian degrading propaganda of little-entente nations: rolmanians slovaks and serbians. Do you support their anti-hungarian propaganda?

Ádám said...


Wrong. Culture is the most changeable things in this planet. However genetics is the real ancestry. You can't change your own genes, you can only inherit them from your parents ancestors. Mythology? If it was created centuries after an event, it is no more than a joke. The best example is the Gesta Hungarorum, it visioned ancient vlach kingdoms before the Hungarian conquest in Carpathian basin. It also stated that cumans lived earlier than Hungarians in Huungary (false too) The Svatopluk great moravia theory greatly benefitted from it. It is an ideal tool of the enemies of Hungarians.

Ádám said...

Hungarians are genetically more european than most slavic speaking people (who contain more Asian mongoloid Y and mt.DNA haplogroup markers), but all Northern Germanic nations (incl. Northern Germany too) have higher ratio of Mongolid haplogroup markers . See the ratio of Central Asian haplogroup „Q” and the other mongoloid haplogroup marker „N” (aka. N1C1) markers in the largest genetic CHART of European nations:

And see the high ratio of middle-eastern haplogroup markers (various „J” and african E1b1) in all balkan populations (inc. Romania). De facto, these nations populations genetically are less European than Hungarians.

Do not forget that vast majority of balkan population is not only genetically but anthropogically less white (average darker eye and hair color, skin tone) so-called „WOG” people. Just type in google image searcher: „eye color map” , „hair color map”.

Skin tone map:

Hair color map

Eye color map:

Angela Bogaczy said...

'If they could they even cover the pyramids with giant plastic sheets ...' I love this, HungarianAmbiance! :)

Ádám, genetics is on very shaky ground in our context (as in most). We are a very eclectic lot, sporting the whole gamut of European colours, shapes and sizes. I think it was less than ten years ago that a German team of geneticists found that we are very typical central Europeans, showing no more Asiatic genes that the others, nor any singular ones. Whatever our origins (and there are a number of theses) can surely be traced, at least approximately, only as archeological evidence, and as the testimony of the narratives that survive, inter alia, as folklore.

Ádám said...

Interestingly, slavs and northern germanic speaking nations (incl: Northern Germany too) who have some little mongoloid genes, do not want to be brother of primitive mongrel semi-mongoloid swarthy midget turkic people.

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