Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró represented Hungary at the Turk Academy International Conference in Astana, Kazakhstan

Monday, October 6, 2014

This year, Kazakhstan's capital Astana hosted the Turk Academy International Conference where Hungary has been represented by Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró the president of the Hungarian Turan Foundation and the main organizer of Kurultaj; at the meeting Zsolt András Bíró was awarded with a memorial medal.

The Turk Academy organized international conference, which was held on September 25 attended by all major organizations of the Turkic world as well as the heads of numerous scientific and educational institutions among others, the President of the Turk Academy Professor Darhan Kydyrali (turkologist, historian), the Secretary-General of TÜRKSOY Düysen Kasseinov Karabaevuli and the Secretary-General of TÜRKPA Zhandos Asanov.

The forum was dedicated to the memory of Hungarian Turkologist István Kongur Mándoky whose legacy, a huge library (containing 16 thousand volumes of books) will be relocated to the Turk Academy's Astana headquarters.

The ceremonial ribbon of the official opening of the library cut by Ongajsa Mándoky the Hungarian turkologist's widow and Professor Abish Kekilbaevuli in the presence of Kazakh Parliamentarians and invited guests.

Hungarian Anthropologist Zsolt András Bíró in his Kazakh language speech praised the works of those working on the preservation of national traditions; he underlined the importance of the cooperation of sister nations in all fields of science, education and culture.

The President of the Turk Academy Darhan Kydyrali praised Bíró's work (emphasizing his anthropological data organization, analysis and research as well as the historical reconstruction of the life of Abilhair Khan). The president of the organization also praised Bíró's contribution strengthening Kazakh-Hungarian cultural relations and his work organizing Kurultaj that is recognized by the whole Turkic world. The president of the academy then awarded Zsolt András Bíró with the István Kongur Mándoky medal.

The Hungarian delegation also included University of Szeged Faculty Lecturer Mukuseva Rausangul and Ethnographer David Somfai.

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Ádám said...

Kurultaj is a good business for the organisers. A whole industry and commerce built upon that event.

There are a lot of fake-hungarian made-in-china souvenir there.

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Ádám said...

The Habsburg conspiracy theory

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Archduke Joseph Francis Habsburg, was the first patron of the Hungarian Turan Society

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