Daniella Éltető crowned as WKU professional Thai boxing world champion at Fight 4 Glory event in Switzerland

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Daniella Éltető went into local history books as being the first Hungarian woman winning the Thai boxing world champion title.

“Preparation for the match wasn't ideal because I had lots of things to do before the fight - I had to pass university exams; in addition, I had to cancel two matches due to illness! One of them was canceled in August because of stomach infection...The other two weeks ago due to flu and fever. The latter one would have been a professional Thai boxing fight against an Israeli girl in Bucharest.

...My opponent was 34-year-old Magali Foroni of France; she is an experienced fighter, she constantly attacked me trying to keep me under pressure, but we saw her weak points as well and we built our strategy on that. Her weak point was her legs. I attacked them at every opportunity, but she endured lots of kicks on both sides of her thighs!

The fourth round has been very good, I kept attacking her with my knees and elbows. In the fourth round the towel was thrown in and I won with technical knockout! I will have another big match this year - in Milan three weeks from now. I have some minor injuries to recover from but I hope I will be ready for the fight by applying the usual recovery techniques. I will rest for a few days then, I continue preparing for the match. Thank you everyone for the encouragement! The Shindokai-Kan Hungary and KYO-Shin SE club, my coach, my master and my father, Péter Éltető as well as János Laub for helping my preparation. Greetings Daniella Éltető.”

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