Fifty-six Miskolc gypsies left for Switzerland, hundreds may follow

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Residents of Miskolc are rejoicing. On October 20, twelve Roma families - a total of 56 people - left the city for Switzerland. This number might increase by the hundreds in the coming weeks, even thousands of them may leave the city unless their housing problems solved said Gábor Váradi, the chairman of the Miskolc Roma Minority Self-Government.

Not everyone among those left the the city are residents of the social housing complex that is about to be demolished, but friends and relatives who "do not feel safe" in the city also joined them said Gábor Váradi.

The "Roma" self-government does not support the gypsies' decisions to leave the country as housing and other social problems should be solved locally.

Miskolc municipal council decided in May to "speed up the elimination of Miskolc slums." The city offered HUF 1.5-2 million to each gypsy family that is willing to leave the city and buy property somewhere else.

In the meantime, municipalities around Miskolc are joining forces and signing petitions because they don't want the government to dump the evicted gypsies in their cities and towns.

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Angela Bogaczy said...

Well done the Swiss for admitting these people. Switzerland does well to help reduce the number of Gypsies Hungary has to accommodate. We need more help of this kind.

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