Foreign intelligence agencies and their local agents try to instigate an uprising in Budapest with the obvious intent to remove the Orbán government

Sunday, October 26, 2014

About ten thousand people demonstrated near the parliament building to express their “outrage” over the internet tax introduced by the government a few days ago. The demonstration has been organized by atlanticist groups and other liberal assets on Facebook. A few dozens of agitated individuals - some of them wearing masks - threw rocks, computer monitors and other objects at the Fidesz headquarters making considerable damage to the building. The video shows some of the actions at the Fidesz headquarters. Please note that those stormed the headquarters displayed the EU flag on the balcony of the building, which says it all.

US embassy charge d'affaires Andre Goodfriend also took part in demonstration writes András Bencsik the co-founder of the Peace March and chief editor of the newspaper Demokrata on Facebook; he added that the US Embassy official attended the rally to demonstrate that the US is willing to use a Maidan style bloody scenario if needs be to remove the Orbán government.

The USA is not our friend and not even our ally. America (USA) is an empire that is only looking at its own interests to maintain its leading position in world affairs.

The US ignored Hungarian interests after the first and second world wars and didn't help us during the 1956 Hungarian uprising writes Bencsik.

Hir TV reporter Attila Császár whose crew was harassed at Fidesz headquarters by violent elements planted among the demonstrators said: "I felt that those attacked the building have been organized, but who they were and why they did it, or weather they belonged to the people rallied against the Internet tax, I can not tell". I didn't see football fans; the troublemakers who broke the windows of the party headquarters covered their faces with masks said the reporter.

Protesters who were present at Fidesz headquarters during the violence reported that riot police didn't show up for close to an hour to prevent the vandal attack on the building. Some attribute this strange move by police to the fact that US embassy charge d'affaires Andre Goodfriend was also on the scene preventing crowd control.

Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie KROES also urged people on Twitter to attend the Sunday's rally.

It seems that the rally was organized at higher places.

Budapest Police issued a statement Monday morning announcing that six people have been taken into custody for breach of peace at Fidesz headquarters Sunday night. The suspects are investigated on suspicion of vandalism by the corruption and economic crime unit of the Budapest police headquarters.

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Anonymous said...

The EU flag's display HAS given it away.
The Jewish/Foreign-interest group has not been able to comprehend that the youth of HU (and those were/are the most active against the internet tax) is Jobbik follower and anti-EU. My info comes directly from university students in BUD. (Polytechnic University)

The SAME Satanist JEW/Foreign group has not yet comprehended, that the population of HU has passed the 50% mark that is anti-EU. Last figure I recall was 52% - if my memory serves right.

So when these Monsters threaten to throw HU out of the EU, all we can say: Right on! Thank you! Good riddance!
There would be HUGE benefits - including screwing Romania and the rest of the EU big time, unless they give autonomy to Transylvania - but that's the subject of another comment . Just look at the map and THINK of that non-slave, non-colony island in the center of Europe, with Europe's largest waterway going through as well..
Look and THINK again, don't be stupid and chickenshit and see WHO really has the upper hand...

THEIR worst nightmare is, that HU will one day realize the geopolitical upper hand it has by virtue of its location.

Anonymous said...

Bencsik said: "Amerika is the ENEMY of Hungary"

This is 100% TRUE. The JEWS HATE Hungarians. (Remember the red mud accident at Ajka and the gloating and rejoicing of Jews in Israel and elsewhere). Amerika is run by Jews, and in many ways it's a colony of Israel. So Amerika's anti Hungary is a GIVEN.

Remember, the Jews want to make HU a new Israel in the heart of Europe, exactly along the lines as they got Palestine. The fate of Hungarians is to be the same of the Palestinians.

In 2913 summer in front of the Dunacorso restaurant at sunset I heard an American English speaking obviously rich Jew family (husband, wife and two daughters) looking at the castle hill across the Danube (a gorgeous view) and saying to his wife and daughters in English: "This will be ours". Read it again: "This will be OURS"
The idiot thought, nobody understands English or he is so confident and arrogant, that he/they no longer even care being overheard.
I tell this TRUE story to everybody who's willing to listen, for them to understand what we're up against.
It's THEM or US because it is about SURVIVAL. They ARE our enemy - period - b/c we're slated for extermination - Palestinians style.

We have gotten rid of the Soviets, we weakened them first with "56, followed by three decades of underground, behind-the scenes corruption and rotting of the Soviet system, much of it psychological...
They also though that they are invincible.

Now it's Amerika's turn...

Anonymous said...

America is big and "invincible"?

Look at the size of the Ebola virus. Look at the size of a human being. Look at the massive lethality of the microscopic virus. The virus doesn't put the human down by wielding a baseball bat.
These things are not necessarily size related.
The Jews took over and control America - yet being only 2% of the population. Even the Israeli PM (Peres?) gloated:
"WE control America and they know it"

So there are ways of the small to prevail.

Asymmetrical fight is the way, and it is not through weapons and violence, but through psychology.
The Jews got into power in the US the very same way; it was mostly psychological, laced with blackmail.

Angela Bogaczy said...

I wish I could disbelieve you, Anonymous. But I cannot.

By the way, is it not a violation of diplomatic protocol for the representative of a foreign state to become involved in the political life of the host state? Will that insolent little grinning git Goodfriend (is this really his name, or just a bad joke?) now be required by the Government to leave Hungary? If not, why not?

0jr said...

jewmerika has committed acts of war

0jr said...

How To Stage A Fake CIA ‘Uprising’ : a 12 STEPS RECIPY

0jr said...

wanted for the crime of terrorism foto for M. André Goodfriend

0jr said...

Michael Ewers – Maidenhead/Warminster mason zionist

simplesanstete said...

US go home, enough fantaisy.

Anonymous said...

U.S. Citizens Continue to Infiltrate Eastern European Governments

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2014: Two Events that Shook the World

The New Cold War Policy Has Backfired

Yugoslavia and the Betrayal of Democracy

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The book makes the argument for a market-based economic democracy in which the cooperative, worker-managed firm holds a central place, and asserts that this setup:

a.) would provide a basis for a larger number of firms in the market, better-proportioned in size with regard to one another;
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