French-language monograph about the former Regent of Hungary Admiral Miklós Horthy

Friday, October 10, 2014

The monograph is written by French historian and expert on Central and Eastern Europe Catherine Horel. The book has been introduced to the public in the Hungarian Institute in Paris Wednesday night.

This is the first French language biography on the former governor of Hungary (1920-1944). The more than 400-page monograph has been written by the general public in mind and published by the prestigious Perrin publisher as part of the biographies of historical figures series.

Historian Catherine Horel

According to experts, such a comprehensive biographical work has not been written about the former governor of Hungary even in Hungarian. The translation of the book is already underway; it will be published by the Academy Publishing House. The publisher says that the book will hold quite a few surprising information about Horthy that will even stun Hungarian readers as the book portrays a historical figure through the eye of an outsider.

One of the examples is the chapter written on Hungarian nationalism through the eyes of Horthy's wife. According to the author, who thoroughly researched the subject Horthy wore admiral's uniform, partly because he marked his loyalty to the Astro-Hungarian monarchy and his adherence to the sea, also to demonstrate that his military rank was the highest in the land.

Catherine Horel is the first author who managed to research Vatican archives on Horthy; she also made in-depth research on Horthy's last years in exile in Portugal.

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