Globalist inspired demonstration against the internet tax legislation continued in Budapest on Tuesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Socialist party MPs waving the colonial flag in parliament's window during yesterday's demonstration against the tax bill organized by the globalist opposition

Thousands of people gathered in Budapest in several locations Tuesday evening to express their opposition to the internet tax bill. Organized groups tried to hijack the demonstration and turn it into an anti-government revolt as they chanted slogans nothing to do with the internet tax legislation. The liberal shitstream media tried to whip up anti-government sentiments all day long by publishing disinformation about the tax bill.

At the parliament building, groups of agitated people chanted slogans like “Europe” and wanted to display the flag of the European Union on the building. This wasn't necessary as socialist party representatives hanged the EU flag from the parliament's window so demonstrating their loyalty to the colonial empire rather than the country of their birth. This of course, surprised no one as this hasn't been the first time when they pledged allegiance to the colonial flag.

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Ádám said...

Jobbik also opposed the internet Tax. Do you consider Jobbik as a globalist party?

Anonymous said...

Stupid Fidesz.
To take out the wind of this (justified) uproar, just withdraw this brainless stupidity altogether, or put a very low cap, like 100HUF/per private service, 700 to 1000 for companies.
Whoever came up with this, should be thrown out to the street for sheer lack of brains and intelligence.

Any half-wit could have predicted with ease, that it will simply enrage the younger portion of the populace - big time. The idiots always forget that in a dry powderkeg situation only a tiny spark is needed and this could be that spark...
And right now, HU is that proverbial powderkeg, just look at the number of people leaving, due to not seeing a prosperous economic future and economic security for themselves.

The Fidesz is a Cabal of (corrupt) stupids.

The only hope now left is Jobbik, as no other party exist with ANY INTEGRITY. We don't know how corrupt Jobbik is or will be, I'm sure, a lot of scumbags are worming themselves into the party, just in case, if they get into power, they will be in the position to loot and steal - just like the others did and do.
The newer, recently emerged parties are just the same corrupt scumbag socialists' offshoots, grasping straws, thinking they can fool the public to get back into power to loot more. Just look at the names and backgrounds.

Well, on second thought, they may be right on the ability on the fooling part the HU public is pretty stupid; the the old are senile, greedy and corrupt, and the younger crowd's cream left HU already...

0jr said...

I think it isn't the country of their birth rather isrealhell is even if they were born there most likely they are zog agents and traitors being isreahelli citizens

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