Gyurcsany starts signature collection campaign against the internet tax and calls for continued resistance

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The head of the nation's most rat-infested party Ferenc Gyurcsany starts a signature collection campaign against the internet tax announced Gyurcsany himself at a press conference on Monday in Budapest.

A passionate promoter of the one-world-order, Gyurcsany regularly campaigns for the formation of the United States of Europe and the depreciation of the status of nation states to the level of ethnic enclaves. At a press-conference Gyurcsany called on all Hungarian citizens to continue protesting against the policies of the Orban government especially against its eastern partnership policy, which advocates closer ties with Russia and other kindred nations in central Asia.

The globalist stooge canceled his party's demonstration at the national tax office this evening and asked supporters that instead join the planned demonstration against the Internet tax legislation Tuesday evening.

Regarding the yesterday's rally Gyurcsany remarked that what he saw "was beautiful and uplifting,"; not even the atrocities can change that opinion.

According to Gyurcsany, what happened yesterday in Budapest was the beginning of a real revolution, as the proposed tax on internet service providers (not on users as the corporate media suggest) opened the eyes of many Hungarian citizens. He called on civilian organizations (financed by foreign sources ed.) to continue the "resistance" until final victory.

Gyurcsany added that this week he meets several foreign journalists, Western ambassadors and diplomats to ask their advise "how to rescue the country from this historic impasse"; he also wants to reassure them that he continues to be an unwavering supporter of liberal democracy and multicultural society summed up his thoughts the globalist stooge.



Anonymous said...

The NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda is for global domination by the chosenite elite. Undermining democracy and self-determination are tactics to fulfill the agenda. Once the agenda is understood, counter-strategies can reverse the globalists. Read all about the history:

Angela Bogaczy said...

Let's hope these rascals have shot themselves in the foot. The internet tax exists only in draft formed. The legislature has not brought it into law. Yet the fake-left brigands are burbling about revolution! By whom, pray ... a bunch of thugs? And with what as the revolutionary principle? (This is really funny!)

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