Introducing the country's youngest mayor Dávid Janiczak

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The newly elected Mayor of Ózd Dávid Janiczak has several skills besides being a politician. The twenty-seven year old mayor is also a talented poet and an accomplished photographer; he won the second place at "Golden Pen Writing Contest" held this year.

Janiczak wrote a fun poem titled "János Bácsi 2061" (Uncle John 2061), which is a visionary depiction of the prospering city of Ózd sometime in 2061. The poem is an entertaining illustration of the patriotic mayor's vision of his home town and the country in general. Janiczak himself introduced the poem on Facebook with these words "It is worth to read, this is how I see the future of Ózd in 2061."

Excerpts from the poem:

"Hite vezérelte,
s lám, mit akart, elérte.
Pár év telt csak bele és már látszott, valami új kezdődik,
valami biztonságosabb, mely nem vergődik.
Újjáéledt a mezőgazdaság,
fejlődött a turizmus és vendéglátás,
újra lett ipari vágány.
Az ország motorja elkezdett pöfékelni,
így hát reggel sokaknak fel kellett ám kelni.
A város a határszélről beljebb került,
na nem azért mert valaki megkergült,
s hátán vitte az Alföldre és ott aztán leült!
Nem! Igazság szolgáltatott és Felvidék egy része végre visszaadatott.
Más határszéleken is életre kelt a revízió,
a történelmi Magyarország most már nem csak egy vízió.
Noha nem lett még mára sem olyan nagy, mint valaha,
de sok szép táj és büszke magyar lélek került vissza az anyaország oltalmazó karjaiba.
Ózdon is megjelentek a gazdaság indításának gyárai, vállalkozásai."

Dávid Janiczak was born in Ózd and lived in the city throughout his life. Besides Hungarian he also speaks Polish, English and German. He graduated from the "Esterházy Károly College" in Eger.

Janiczak started his political career in the Polish minority self-government at the age of 19, but he also ran in the 2010 municipal elections representing the Jobbik party. He joined Jobbik in 2009.

In 2012 he became the president of Jobbik Ózd wing working as a campaign manager. In the spring parliament elections he was included on Jobbik's national electoral list as a candidate running for office. Since June 2, 2014 he has been working in the Parliament.

According to his biography, he also worked in the media as the manager of Optiprint Ltd. that printed magazines and other publications - formerly known as the "Weekly Messenger of Ózd Kft."

He also worked as a managing director of Arló Tourism, Community and Trading Limited Liability Company headquartered in Arló. "I led "Suvadás Liget" for three years, which was the most important project in my life so far. I managed to turn the company around starting from zero and raising the number of visitors to several thousand per year meanwhile developing the business each year said the young Jobbik politician. "Suvadás Liget" functioned as a camp ground and business center; the company's most popular attraction was the “Sex on the Beach” event said Janiczek in a local television interview.

Here is Jobbik Ózd wing election program that was so popular among the electorate the won a mayoral seat to Dávid Janiczak:

Building large stores modeled after foreign hypermarkets, but favoring the goods of local farmers and businesses

Develop local agriculture, job creation for unskilled laborers

Set up a patent office that promotes the ideas of local inventors

Construct wind mills on hilltops, and install solar panels on rooftops

Evict tenants living in government owned apartments that don't comply with regulations, also evict occupants living in those premises without permission, in the meantime, engage them in the renovation of the units

Rent local government premises to "useful members of society" or for couples even for free

Provide assistance to local entrepreneurs that want to start new businesses

Introduction of segregated education as opposed to integrated classes

Establishing a full-time higher education institution in Ózd

Instead of promoting small sport clubs creating a large metropolitan sports club

Create a garden of Arts: "Imagine a tranquil parkland with gardens and sculptures, inventions and other spectacular creations!"

Establishment of an urban public transport company

Develop local tourism, create a nature park called "Peace Garden" and promote wine tourism; thermal bath development, boosting the region's lodging capacity by renovating old factory heritage buildings

Introduction of the Érpatak model when dealing with gypsies (Note: The Érpatak model developed by Érpatak Mayor Zoltán Mihály Orosz. The model treats everyone equal regardless of the person's background; it divides people into two main groups – builders and destroyers – destroyers get punished regardless of their ethnic background and builders get rewarded regardless of their race or color); set up local civil guard and a local ranger office

The young Jobbik mayor has already received threats from defeated Fidesz candidates as the city council has Fidesz majority; they threatened to boycott Janiczek's program and paralyze the operation of the city hall like they did in Esztergom where defeated Fidesz candidates crippled the normal operation of the city.

Janiczek however, is not worrying; he is not the kind of person that can be easily intimidated. "Now, at least, it will turn out who preys on the community and who works for the well-being of the community" reacted the newly elected mayor to the threats.

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