Multilingual behavior code for beggars has been published in Salzburg, Austria

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The pocket-sized manual records 17 statutes in five languages​ explaining in plain language what is allowed and what is not for beggars in Salzburg, Austria.

The "beggar Code" prohibits aggressive begging, begging with children or pretending physical disability; among other things, begging is not allowed in front of stores and near public drinking water outlets.

The manual has been published in 3000 copies with the active participation of the local authorities, shopkeepers and various NGOs in German, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romany (Gypsy) languages; the manual also includes instructions in pictograms for the illiterate.

One chapter of the publication is for local residents advising them how to treat beggars.

The manual does not take a position as to whether residents give donations or not; on the other hand, it advises them to be polite and friendly with beggars in order to reduce the chance of violence.

According to the manual, many beggars come to Austria, because they can not support their families back home.

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