National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer has been released from custody and already left Hungary

Monday, October 6, 2014

Immigration and Nationalization Office issued a short statement confirming that the leader of the National Policy Institute Richard Spencer has been released from custody and already left the country.

Spencer was taken into custody last Friday in a Budapest cafe because he couldn't produce travel documents to police officers proving he had valid official permit to stay in Hungary say the statement.

Spencer organized an international conference in Budapest that Hungarian authorities banned due to its "racist" overtones.

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Ádám said...

Why does Gyöngyösi hates White Nationalist?

Gyöngyösi is not real Hungarian, but hi is a member of the dual identity
Jassic minority of Hungary, a descendant of the Alan tribes. Read about
Jassic minority of Hungary here: Gyöngyösi's parents moved to Kecskemét where he was born.

Gyöngyösi spent most of his childhood in Islamic countries like: Iraq ,
Egypt, Afghanistan and Muslim parts of India, As an adult he returned to
Hungary. That's why he loves muslims.

As a Jassic identity man, he supports Iran. Many of this Jassic people
of Hungary consider Persia as their homeland. They forget that Iran is
not a white country anymore, they were mixed with turks and arabs since

Jassic people's cousins are the Catalans in Spain , the famous Spanish knight EL CID was born also from a former alanian territory.

Île-de-France and Southern Normadny of France were also ancient alan
lands. Alans contributed in the foundation of Paris too, they were great
numbers in Southern France around Marseille too.

However Most Jassic people neglect their western European cousins, and
search false cousins the modern Persians (which is mixed with arabs and

That's why Gyöngyösi hates you.

Map about the migration of Alan tribes to Western Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries:

0jr said...


Anonymous said...

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