Oleg Carjov: "It can't be ruled out that the whole of Ukraine will become part of NuvoRussia"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The spokesperson of NuvoRussian Parliament and a former member of the Party of Regions of Ukraine - Oleg Carjov gave an interview to in Moscow.

The former Ukrainian politician said, due to half a million dollars bounty on his head set by oligarch Kolomojskij he had no intention to return Ukraine in the near future; however, he visits Donbass every day.

In his opinion, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko latest offer to give "special status" to Donbass is too little too late.

According to Carjov, the Kiev regime will collapse completely at the spring, and New Russia's armed forces will triumph over the coup plotters.

"It can't be ruled out that the whole of Ukraine becomes part of Nuvo​​Russia" said the Ukrainian politician ("Не исключено, что скоро вся Украина станет Новороссией).

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Anonymous said...

This posting appeared in "Expat Exchange" HU edition:

FOREIGN TROOPS in the Ukraine for stopping movement of Hungarians and ghettoization of Hungarian villages?

Here is the post:
"I'm afraid to take along my kids to their father to Hungary. We live in a village near Chop city, Zakarpattia province, Western Ukraine. Now all roads to big cities have been blocked by armed men. We don't know where they've come from. They speak neither Carpathian Ukrainian nor Hungarian. So we cannot understand who they are and whom they obey. The only thing we understood is that no Hungarian should go to another place without special permission from Ukrainian administration.
The majority of people in our village are Hungarians. We have no Ukrainian administration but leader of our community. His signature is no suit. Seems that we occurred in some kind of ghetto for Hungarians. Everything is done by camp routine: curfew, and time to buy food once a week, and two hours a day for Internet connection, and hours for electric power supply and for cold and hot water.
My ex lives in Hungary...."

What's going on????

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