PM Orbán: Nobody can be prosecuted without evidence in Hungary

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It is the business of US officials who they allow to enter in their country, Hungary can only take note of that said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Brussels on Friday.

Corruption allegations against Hungarian citizens by the US in essence an accusation, and the evidence is in the hands of American authorities said Orbán. If they hand over this evidence to Hungarian authorities they will act immediately. "Since Hungary is governed by the rule of law nobody can be prosecuted without evidence," said the head of government. Hungary's policy of zero tolerance requires authorities to investigate any corruption case that sufficiently supported by evidence.

According to the Prime Minister, American allegations of corruption could be cleared up in no time if those holding the evidence make them public. "Many of us do not understand why this is not happening" said Orbán.

In Hungary the law requires residents to report corruption cases to authorities. The Hungarian government doesn't press American authorities to abide by this legal requirement because it doesn't want to increase tension between the two countries said Orbán.

Not that the Hungarian secret services could not obtain the names of those affected by the US punitive measures if it wanted to (meaning, they already know), but this is not the point, this is a matter of principle - those who accuse someone with a crime must name the suspect said PM Orbán.

According to the prime minister, it is unprecedented that a foreign country accuses Hungarian citizens with a crime yet, it doesn't release the evidence to support the claims in the meantime, expect authorities to investigate the allegations. "If we do that it would mean that we can't protect our own citizens," stressed PM Orbán

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0jr said...

•McCain And The List Of The Other Belligerent 54 Corrupt Senators ~ Who Blocked Removal Of Language Detaining Americans In The NDAA Bill.

0jr said...

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Anonymous said...

The USA is a lawless cesspool.
Read the above AGAIN to sink in.

Orban is right on the money. It is a hard fact: HU has far more due process of law and justice than the USA.

Just look at the US's putrid swamp of institutionalized police-state tyrannical lawlessness:

NDAA act (indefinite detainment of anyone on mere suspicion(!) WITHOUT charges; also extrajudicial killing of US citizens).

Asset/Civil Forfeiture (confiscation of money, car, house, without charges, trial, judgement and sentence).

Patriot Act. (trashing of the entire Constitution, due process and civil rights).

The US police is now completely militarized, all police departments are custom trained in brutality by Israelis, the indiscriminate unjustified killing and murder and thuggish behavior of police is now a daily event across America.

The filthy swine US administration (and Congress/Senate) with that human garbage at the top (who in reality is just a puppet) lecturing HU on law and rights is OBSCENE.
It is no different than back then, Stalin lecturing anyone on due process and the wrongness of the death sentence.

Stomach-turning disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Th US accuses people, countries to DENIGRATE and as a precursor of some sort of aggression (political or military) on a a regular basis, without providing evidence or at best, fake, fabricated "evidence" - like of Syria lately.

Just remember the MH17 how Russia was accused without a shred of evidence in spite, that neither the Russians, nor the Separatists had ANYTHING to gain from such act, but the now American pupped Ukraine did, by diverting and subsequently shooting down the airliner.
NO EVIDENCE of this outrageous accusation by the US came forth since, either.

0jr said...

6 Million Lies

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