PM Viktor Orbán met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Milan

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed foreign and energy policy issues in Milan on Wednesday. The prime minister noted that the Hungarian government has proven that besides observing financial discipline job creation is possible.

The Hungarian prime minister met Angela Merkel before the EU summit on employment. "We mainly talked about foreign policy issues, because we soon came to the agreement that German-Hungarian bilateral relations are excellent and the relationship is developing well," said Orbán to the media.

Regarding energy policy, Orbán remarked that Hungary will be part of the common European energy policy, but at the moment the government is primarily focusing on its own energy security.

He indicated that from January 1, 2015 the Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline will be able to deliver gas to Ukraine coming from non-Russian sources.

Hungary has proven that it is possible to create jobs in the meantime, maintain fiscal discipline and debt reduction said Orbán. "We continue reducing the national debt and keep budget deficit under control while stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment," said the prime minister.

PM Viktor Orban also met Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Wednesday in the Italian politician's home in Arcore the Italian news agencies reported.

The two politicians discussed current political and economic issues including the crisis of European Union and other international conflicts.

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