The breakaway Donetsk Republic set up a new National Bank

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The breakaway Donetsk Republic founded a new National Bank reported the Supreme Council of the republic and the national government in a joint statement after the Council of Ministers meeting held on October 6.

The government of the breakaway republic adopted several important decisions at the meeting; one of those is the establishment of a new National Bank, which is apparently, already fully operational.

The Prime Minister of Donetsk Republic Alexander Zakharchenko told Itar-Tass Russian news agency on September 1 that the republic will introduce soon its own currency; until, a "multi - currency" zone will be established where Russian ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia can be used.

There is no official confirmation yet on the release of the new currency, but government sources have already leaked pictures of the design of the new Donetsk bills, which will go into circulation very soon.

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